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Paul Heyman On The Difficulty Of Crafting A Return For Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch

Paul Heyman has discussed what would be the most difficult aspect in crafting a story for Becky Lynch to return to WWE.

The former Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion made history in 2019 when she headlined WrestleMania 35. Alongside Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair, the three WWE Superstars became the first women to main event a WrestleMania event. In that match, Lynch pinned Rousey to win both championships on offer.

Lynch has been out of action since May 2020 when she announced that she was pregnant. In December Lynch along with her fiancé, Seth Rollins welcomed their daughter Roux into the world.

Appearing on Sports Media with Richard Deitsch, Heyman was asked how he would write a return for Lynch heading into WrestleMania in 2022.

Heyman answered:

“Oh, Becky Lynch is an extraordinary talent. It would not only be very easy to write ‘Becky Lynch/2022 WrestleMania’ and the scenario, and the match, and how we get there. The most difficult thing about that, as it will be for what I envision for Roman Reigns, as it would be for how I would craft a Ronda Rousey scenario, or a Brock Lesnar scenario, the most difficult part would be editing it.”

“The flood of ideas for these extraordinary talents, who pushed themselves past their own limitations, is overwhelming at times and you can only pick so many different scenarios because you have to let them all play themselves out. So, coming up with something for Becky Lynch for next year’s WrestleMania is not the problem. Which one you decide on is the key, is paramount to the process because there’s an infinite number of scenarios that Becky Lynch would excel in, she’s just that talented and that willing to push her talents past her own parameters.”

There has been no word yet on a timeframe on Becky Lynch’s return to the company. Seth Rollins faces Cesaro on Night 2 of WrestleMania.

Also on Night 2 of ‘The Show of Shows,’ Paul Heyman will be in Roman Reigns’ corner as the ‘Tribal Chief’ defends his WWE Universal Championship. Reigns will face Edge and Daniel Bryan in a triple threat match for the gold.

Credit: Sports Media with Richard Deitsch

h/t Fightful for the transcription