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Paul Heyman Names ECW Feud That Deserves More Credit

Paul Heyman ECW

Paul Heyman has revealed the ECW rivalry he believes does not receive the credit it deserves.

During a meet and greet for Highspots Superstore, Heyman said that the feud between Rob Van Dam and Jerry Lynn is underappreciated. He explained that, while the matches the two had are still highly regarded, their body of work isn’t given enough credit for how much influence it had on modern wrestling.

“Rob Van Dam versus Jerry Lynn, because as much as people still to this day will give it a lot of credit for being some of the greatest ECW matches ever, I would suggest that the modern-day style that so many young stars are employing today is a derivative of what Van Dam and Jerry Lynn were doing back in 1999. So, in terms of it gets a lot of credit for being a lot of people’s favorite ECW matches but as a rivalry, I still don’t think it gets credit to this day for how influential on today’s product it truly is.”

Jerry Lynn and Rob Van Dam fought extensively over the ECW World Television Championship in 1998-1999. The highlight of the feud came at Hardcore Heaven 1999 in a no time limit match for the belt which drew acclaim from fans and critics alike, and received 4.25 stars from Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, making it one of the highest-rated matches in ECW’s history.

Following the sale of ECW to WWE in 2001, the two met again in a match for the WWE Hardcore Championship on an episode of Sunday Night Heat, but would not lock up again until ten years later when they both found themselves on the TNA roster. While they would meet in TNA several times, they never again reached the heights of the ECW feud that Paul Heyman believes set the tone for the wrestling we see today.

H/T to POST Wrestling for the above transcription