Paul Heyman Reveals The Only Other WWE Superstar He Could Have Managed Besides Roman Reigns & Brock Lesnar

Paul Heyman WWE Hall of Fame

Paul Heyman made sure WWE had little wiggle room as far as to who they could pair him up with on-air and three Superstar names in particular “sat at the table” with him.

The “Wise Man” of The Bloodline joined Rick Rubin on his podcast and the two touched upon’s Heyman’s removal from his Executive Director position back in 2020. When that happened, he imagined that he’d ride out the remaining months of his contract, but did have in his agreement that if he were to be an “advocate” for a star it would be one of great significance. Heyman was put on his heels when that reveal became Roman Reigns.

“I said ‘Okay, what do you got in mind?’ And [Vince McMahon] says, ‘I’m gonna put you with somebody…’ And I’m trying to tip-toe into a delicate situation here where I’m about to butt heads with him … And he goes, ‘I’m envisioning Roman Reigns with Paul Heyman.’ And I’m thinking ‘Oh my God, he’s gonna pull the trigger on this.'”

Besides Brock Lesnar & Roman Reigns, Who Else Was On Paul Heyman’s Plate?

While Reigns may have been the ultimate bargaining chip for Vince McMahon, Heyman did make note that he was open to other options. One of those names was Ronda Rousey, but life happened to get in the way.

“Ronda Rousey was having a baby. Brock Lesnar wasn’t coming back with Saudi [Arabia] being down. Kind of left Roman Reigns in there.”

It was widely speculated that Heyman could eventually advocate for “The Baddest Woman On The Planet” as he was heavily involved with her working in WWE. Heyman went into further detail about that relationship with Kenny McIntosh of Inside The Ropes back in 2021.

H/t to Wrestling Inc.