Paul Heyman – “I Conspired Against Sami Zayn Every Week. He’s A P***k”

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Special Counsel to the WWE Universal Champion, Paul Heyman, has admitted that he purposefully conspired against Sami Zayn to keep him back when serving as Executive Director of Monday Night Raw.

From June 2019 to June 2020, Paul Heyman served as the creative mind behind WWE’s red brand and during his tenure, put the focus on younger stars who would be the lifeblood of the industry in years to come. Apollo Crews, Ricochet and Cedric Alexander were all recipients of his favourable booking, but it appears not everyone with talent was pencilled in for a major push.

While others flourished, Sami Zayn appeared to be held back on the brand and struggled to find his niche. Being shackled led to claims of a conspiracy against him with the former WWE Intercontinental Champion confronting his one-time boss on the February 12 Talking Smack.

Believing that he was being supressed from facing Roman Reigns just as he was on Raw, Zayn demanded answers from Heyman who gladly informed the world that he purposely kept the star down and doesn’t regret it for a second:

“I’d like to say one of three things here. Number one, he says they want to keep him out of the ring against someone like Roman Reigns, ladies and gentlemen, there is no one like Roman Reigns. He’s the number one box office attraction, the number one star here in WWE. Number two, Sami’s right, there’s a conspiracy against him. I was the Executive Director of Monday Night Raw. Sami was on Raw. I conspired against him every week. I don’t like the guy, he’s a prick, okay. Number three, I don’t even remember number three, oh right, the Golden Goose line. Roman Reigns was the Golden Goose of WWE until he learned that the Golden Goose controls the distribution of the golden eggs. So the real power here, as Adam Pearce is going to learn, lies with the Tribal Chief, the Golden Goose himself, Roman Reigns.”

While Heyman’s admission is shocking considering his stance on youth and giving those a chance who have never received one previously, the ploy could backfire on February 21 at WWE Elimination Chamber when Sami Zayn enters the hellish structure for a chance to battle the champion immediately following the contest.

Credit for the interview: Talking Smack

h/t for the transcription: Fightful