Paul Heyman Hits Back At Cody Rhodes Following Recent Interview

Paul Heyman & Cody Rhodes

Paul Heyman is not happy with Cody Rhodes, and even less impressed with his wrestling skills.

In the lead-up to Rhodes’ clash with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39, the American Nightmare and The Bloodline’s resident Wiseman came to verbal blows on the microphone seemingly every other week drawing on the real-life history between the two sides, the performers pulled the audience every which way and in an effort to get one over the other.

While the war between Rhodes and Reigns is over — at least for now — tensions still remain. During a recent interview, Rhodes names Bobby “The Brain” Heenan as the greatest manager in wrestling history. Something hammered home by the journalist involved tagging Heyman on Twitter in the process.

In typical Paul Heyman style, the Special Counsel wasted little time in hitting back. Heyman called out Sports Illustrated’s Jimmy Traina for his “petulant pursuit” of him and said Rhodes was only the fourth-best wrestler in the history of his famous family, behind his father, brother, and wife.

Funnily enough, Heyman’s comments come just hours after Brandi Rhodes confirmed she’d retired.

What Connection Does Paul Heyman Have To The Rhodes Family?

The feud between Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes was given extra spice by Paul Heyman’s real-life connection to the Rhodes family.

Heyman worked alongside Dusty Rhodes during his time in WCW and later found Dusty work in ECW when he was down on his luck. During a firey exchange on Raw, Cody recounted this story, and Paul Heyman was reduced to tears.