Paul Heyman Has “Great Respect” For Jake & Logan Paul

Logan Paul makes his entrance at WWE Crown Jewel 2022

Paul Heyman has spoken openly previously about which talents he respects, and for Jake and Logan Paul, they can add count themselves lucky. The former WWE Raw Executive Director has admitted to having “great respect” for the siblings that extends even outside of the brief amount of work they’ve done within WWE.

Speaking to Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick on the After The Bell podcast, Paul Heyman explained why Logan and Jake Paul earned his respect, using the number of viewers and subscribers they’ve attained over the years as a primary reason:

“I have great respect for what they’ve done simply on YouTube. You know, their numbers speak for themselves. I have great respect for what Logan Paul has done with his IMPAULSIVE podcasts, the numbers speak for themselves. And yes, you take a look at the numbers at [Floyd] Mayweather versus [Logan Paul]. First of all, for Floyd Mayweather to agree, and this is not Floyd Mayweather now who has grasped the concept of these exhibitions that he’s doing. This was a Floyd Mayweather off of the Floyd Mayweather vs. [Conor] McGregor fight, which was just the most astounding box office figures in the history of boxing.

So for Floyd Mayweather to be willing to step into the ring with Logan Paul says a lot about Logan Paul, and for Logan Paul to have the testicles to step in [the ring], I wouldn’t step into the ring with Floyd Mayweather. I don’t care that he’s five-foot-two and 115 pounds, and Kevin Hart powers over him, right? I wouldn’t step into the ring with Floyd Mayweather. I’d get my head knocked off my shoulders.

So for Logan Paul to be willing, a YouTuber, a kid, a stunt show. You know, an impractical joker. The heir to the Jackass and Tom Green generation. And for Logan Paul to step into the ring and have to train and get ready for Floyd f*cking Mayweather? Yes, very impressed, very impressed how the Paul brothers have disrupted the entire boxing industry.”

Roman Reigns Defeated Logan Paul At WWE Crown Jewel

Though Paul Heyman has respect for both Jake and Logan Paul, he was all business at Crown Jewel, where the latter went toe-to-toe with Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. The bout saw ‘The Tribal Chief’ leave as the champion, 798 days into his reign. A Spear ended Logan’s night on a sour note.

It has since been reported in the aftermath of the bout that Logan Paul tore both his MCL and ACL, and potentially his meniscus during the match. There’s currently no timetable for his return to the squared circle.

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