Potential Sign Paul Heyman Could Return At Clash At The Castle?

Paul Heyman stands at ringside at WWE SummerSlam 2022

Paul Heyman hasn’t been featured on WWE programming for weeks but as shown in Clash At The Castle promo photos, he could soon be back by Roman Reigns’ side.

Paul Heyman was written off WWE programming at SummerSlam, eating an F5 from Brock Lesnar that sent him crashing through the announce desk. Heyman has refrained from returning to television to sell the extent of his injuries. He’s a manager; he shouldn’t be selling the manoeuvre as a wrestler would.

Per Dave Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, however, there’s a chance Paul could soon return to WWE programming. He’s listed in the promo photos for Roman’s Undisputed Universal Championship defence against Drew McIntyre:

“Paul Heyman is listed in the promo photos for the main event as being with [Roman] Reigns and he is in Cardiff but as of this point he’s still selling the injury from the Brock Lesnar match as far as appearing on television.”

Paul Heyman has taken a handful of spots in the past, including being battered with a kendo stick by CM Punk, but this was arguably his biggest to date. It came moments before Brock Lesnar was ultimately felled by Roman Reigns in the pair’s latest match together.

Heyman has been aligned with ‘The Head of the Table’ as his Special Counsel since the end of August 2020, though a brief month-and-a-half spell saw the pair separated after Roman laid him out last December. They reunited at the Royal Rumble, where Reigns cost Brock Lesnar the WWE Championship vs. Bobby Lashley.