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Paul Heyman – “Cesaro Has Every Quality Of A WrestleMania Headliner”

Paul Heyman Cesaro

Paul Heyman has discussed Roman Reigns and his potential WWE Universal Title contender Cesaro, saying that as talented the Swiss Cyborg may be, he’s not in Reigns’ league.

Heyman has stood by the side of ‘The Tribal Chief’ as his special counsel since shortly after Reigns returned to WWE at SummerSlam 2020. Since then Reigns has torn through the SmackDown roster culminating in his dominant win over Edge and Daniel Bryan in the main event of WrestleMania 37.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Heyman chose to address Cesaro in his own inimitable way:

“This entire situation regarding Cesaro needs to be addressed. After what Roman Reigns accomplished at WrestleMania, which was the most declaratively dominant pinfall in the history of WrestleMania main events, and then Daniel Bryan kept on coming at Roman Reigns, to the point where we had to deprive the SmackDown audience of the pleasure of seeing a guaranteed Hall of Famer like Daniel Bryan ply his trade—now Cesaro wants to step up against the ‘Tribal Chief.’ Unfortunately for him, he’ll learn the same lesson that Edge learned, that Daniel Bryan learned and that Kevin Owens learned. And that is that Roman Reigns has entered his prime.”

Heyman continued, praising Cesaro:

“Roman Reigns, at this level, is untouchable. There is no one at his level. And as great as Cesaro may be, well, Daniel Bryan was great, too—and Edge was great, too. These are top-tier performers; these are WrestleMania main-eventers. Cesaro has every quality of being a WrestleMania main-eventer, except he’s stepping in the ring with Roman Reigns and that just makes it a bad day for Cesaro. In WWE and across every other brand, no one is at Roman Reigns’ level.”

Paul Heyman has also discussed being unsure initially of his pairing with Roman Reigns. Heyman spoke about being reluctant to return to WWE TV without longtime ally Brock Lesnar.

Credit: Sports Illustrated