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Paul Heyman Opens Up On WWE Future, Teases Retirement

Paul Heyman

WWE Icon Paul Heyman has opened up on his future in the WWE and possible retirement following Roman Reigns brutal betrayal of his Special Counsel on SmackDown.

After months of speculating about Paul Heyman’s loyalties, Roman Reigns fired his Special Counsel on the latest episode of SmackDown only to be attacked by Brock Lesnar!

The tension between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar reignited at SummerSlam in August 2021, where Lesnar confronted Reigns after the Tribal Chief was successful in retaining his WWE Universal Championship (and his job) over the veteran John Cena.

Paul Heyman has served as Special Counsel to the Tribal Chief since August 2020, just after Roman Reigns returned to the WWE at SummerSlam after being absent since just before WrestleMania 36.

Understandably, Reigns has had questions about the loyalties of his Special Counsel since Brock Lesnar’s return, questioning whether Heyman knew that the Beast would be making an appearance.

The former Advocate has consistently sworn loyalty to the Tribal Chief but has also appeared in multiple backstage segments with his former client including the aftermath of Brock’s recent suspension, so it appears he has been trying to keep both sides happy.

Things came to a head on the most recent episode of SmackDown, where the Tribal Chief once again asked point-blank who had Heyman’s actual loyalty. After demanding that the Chicago crown acknowledge him, he started questioning his Special Counsel one more time.

“Did you know Brock was gonna return at SummerSlam? Did you know Brock was gonna be at Madison Square Garden? Did you know Brock’s suspension was gonna be lifted?”

The crowd began chanting “You screwed up” in Heyman’s direction, with Reigns confirming “Oh, you’re damn right he screwed up.” Reigns would continue:

“This is the most important question. Are you a Special Counsel, or are you an Advocate?”

Paul Heyman, trying to alleviate the situation, made a grave error and seemed to tip his hand when Roman asked why he kept protecting Brock Lesnar from the Tribal Chief.

“I’m protecting Brock Lesnar from you. I’m protecting you from Brock Lesnar.”

With the Usos reacting in the background aghast at the show of disrespect, Roman Reigns hugged the man who’d represented him for over a year and wished him farewell despite Heyman declaring his love for his Tribal Chief.

I love you wise man, and I thank you for your honesty. And I thank you for 40 years of service to my family.

And you’re fired.

The Head of the Table punctuated this breakup with a Superman Punch to his former Special Counsel.

Reigns had further destruction in mind, but as he was about to smash Paul Heyman’s head between two chairs, none other than the Beast Incarnate appeared on the ramp to even the score and rescue his Advocate.

Brock Lesnar, dressed in his farmer’s best overalls and blue plaid shirt, laid waste to both Usos outside the ring before delivering a brutal F5 to Roman Reigns.

Now, on the Christmas Day special of Smackdown Live, the former ‘Advocate’ and ‘Special Counsel’ opened up to Kayla Braxton about the events that unfolded last week.

“What happened was I told Roman Reigns the truth and I paid the price for it, publically”

When asked if he regretted his actions, the legendary mind behind ECW would state that he was simply fulfilling his role as ‘Special Counsel ‘ and that he did nothing wrong.

“No, because my role as the special counsel…was to tell Roman Reigns these uncomfortable truths. My role as the special counsel was not just to protect Roman Reigns as a personality and intellectual property but as champion and make no mistake about it, Roman Reigns is the greatest Universal Champion of all time…but he needs to be protected from Brock Lesnar.”

When asked “what’s next”, Heyman opened up about his future in the WWE and how now his time might be over.

“I don’t know, what do I do now? Do I go to NXT, cherry-pick a top talent and start all over again? Not at this stage, I put every bit of my heart and my soul and my spirit into serving as the special counsel to The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns. Without that, maybe it’s time for me to acknowledge that my career is most likely, over.”

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