Paul Heyman Calls Out “Douchey Little Kid” Logan Paul

Paul Heyman & Logan Paul

As Roman Reigns prepares to meet Logan Paul at WWE Crown Jewel, The Bloodline’s resident wise man Paul Heyman has been revelling in his role as Special Counsel.

Heyman has repeatedly locked horns with the YouTube star on the microphone, to dismiss not only his chances of defeating Reigns, but also the achievements of his brother Jake Paul.

As the match between Roman Reigns and Logan Paul moves closer tension between the two camps has only increased. The social media sensation has been training with WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels, while Reigns and The Bloodline remain their usual confident selves.

Paul Heyman Fires Back At Logan Paul

Logan Paul has now found himself on the wrong side of Paul Heyman once again for a recent post on Instagram. Paul shared a photo of himself wearing a replica WWE Championship belt alongside his brother. In the caption the star said that he was looking to “rewrite history” when he meets Reigns in Saudi Arabia.

Not one to let the apparent slight go unmentioned, Heyman shot back via his Instagram stories calling the star the “douchey little kid with the replica, pretending to be something he’ll never be in life.”

Speaking ahead of his showdown with Reigns, Logan Paul was in fighting mood, commenting that after November 5th WWE fans will be forced to respect him. Although he reiterated that he “doesn’t give two sh*ts” whether fans actually like him.

“If the WWE fans don’t already respect me, after Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on November 5th, you will be forced to respect me. You might not like me. I might not be your favourite wrestler, but you will have to respect what I can do in that ring, and that’s my goal. I could give two s**ts who likes me or not, but you will always acknowledge that when I get in that ring, you are going to be entertained. That’s my goal.”

WWE’s Crown Jewel is taking place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Saturday, 5th November. Tune in via the WWE Network or on BT Sport.