Paul Heyman Played Big Role In Bringing Rising WWE Star To Main Roster

Paul Heyman on the mic

Paul Heyman once called a rising WWE star a “future main eventer.”

Madcap Moss began his WWE journey in 2014 under the ring name Digg Rawlis. His most recent claim to fame was defeating his former partner, Happy Corbin on multiple occasions.

In February, Paul Heyman saw potential in Moss when he labelled him a “future main eventer.” The mouthpiece for many former world champions such as Brock Lesnar, Big Show, and now Roman Reigns stated that the audience regularly underestimates Moss and his potential.

The sidekick angle between Moss and Corbin impressed Heyman so much that he went on to say that it showed Moss’s ability to “walk into any personality” and run with it.

During an interview with NBC Sports Boston, the rising WWE star expressed his appreciation for Heyman’s comments regarding his talent. Moss admitted to feeling a bit doubtful of his abilities but knowing that Heyman considers him a potential main event player has given him confidence.

“The analytical side of me that might be sceptical of, maybe I’m just hyping myself up in my head a little too much, maybe I’m not as good as I think I am… those go out the window when you’ve got someone like Paul Heyman [saying that], who is an absolute legend in so many ways. As a performer, as a promoter, as a judge of talent in this industry, and when he’s saying those things about me, going out of his way to say those things about me, it gives me a vote of confidence that I am on the right track, and I can do all of those things with the best of them.”

Moss threw away his comic “Madcap” persona when he fought Corbin at Hell in a Cell. The 32-year-old revealed that him even getting the chance to compete on the main roster was all due to Heyman. As Moss continues to blaze his own path outside of being Corbin’s lackey, he looks back at Heyman with much gratitude.

“It also motivates me to make him live up to his word, and part of that is because I just want to prove him right, and I appreciate him saying that but he’s also a big reason I’m in the position that I am today,” Moss said. “He was a big part of getting me an opportunity on ‘Raw’ at the beginning of 2020, and so I owe Paul for that, and want to prove him right in a number of ways.”

Moss’ most recent high-profile out came when he competed in the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match. Unfortunately for the rising WWE star, he did not capture the briefcase thanks to the last-minute addition of Theory. The two men are scheduled to compete this week on SmackDown.

H/t – Wrestling Inc.