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Pat Patterson Passes Away At 79

pat patterson death

Inside the Ropes is saddened to report that WWE and professional wrestling legend, Pat Patterson (Pierre Clermont), has passed away at the age of 79 after a battle with cancer.

Patterson had been waging a war on the disease for some time and sadly passed away this morning at a hospital in Miami.

Pat’s legacy inside the ring will not only be as a great technician and professional, but he will forever be known as the inaugural WWF Intercontinental Champion and the creator of the Royal Rumble. It has often been said that the French-Canadian talent captured the gold in a tournament in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but that has always been a tall tale.

The tournament never took place and Patterson was awarded the gold behind closed doors. The Rio de Janeiro tournament would become an in-joke in the company across the years.

On and off-screen, Patterson was a loyal servant to Vince McMahon and alongside good friend Gerald Brisco became one of the boss’ “stooges” in storylines and one of his most trusted employees in real life.

His passing is a great loss to the world of professional wrestling and today the industry is just a little dark for his passing.

Inside the Ropes offers its condolences to the friends and family of Pat Patterson.