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Pat McAfee To Miss WWE Clash At The Castle?

Pat McAfee

After missing WWE Hell In A Cell, Pat McAfee has appeared to hint that he also won’t be making the trip to the United Kingdom for Clash At The Castle.

On the June 7th episode of The Pat McAfee Show, the excitable announcer sat down for a chat with UFC President Dana White.

During the conversation, White offered McAfee the chance to host a special live edition of his show at an upcoming UFC event in Paris, France.

The already giddy McAfee checked that the show wouldn’t clash with the start of the NFL season, which it doesn’t, before jumping at the opportunity to go – “We’re f*cking in!” The only problem being, that while the event in Paris won’t clash with the the NFL, it does clash with WWE Clash at The Castle, with both shows scheduled for September 3rd.

Interestingly, McAfee made no mention of WWE during this exchange. This could suggest that he simply didn’t realise the dates were the same as his excitement overflowed, or he will be missing the show altogether.

McAfee’s comments come after he didn’t appear at WWE Hell In A Cell. Despite there being seven matches on the card, only one featured Superstars from SmackDown. The bout in question was the No Holds Barred grudge match between Madcap Moss and Happy Corbin.

The former NFL star explained that with only one SmackDown match taking place, it was agreed that it wouldn’t be worth him making the trip. McAfee said that “both parties agreed” that it “probably wasn’t worth the trip to Chicago and back” for the event.