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Pat McAfee Recalls His First Ever Meeting With Vince McMahon

Pat McAfee

While Pat McAfee joined the SmackDown announce team on April 16th, he did so without ever meeting WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Following the show, McAfee noted that McMahon wasn’t in the building for his debut, but the former NFL star has now revealed that things were all change for his second outing.

Speaking on his podcast, The Pat McAfee Show, the show’s host has now described his first meeting with McMahon. McAfee admits that he was initially nervous, but had done his research on the “swagged out” Chairman.

“There was a little bit of nerves and anticipation. I’ve done a lot of research on this man. Always heard [give] Vince a firm handshake. I was told by a couple of people, ‘when he’s talking, don’t feel obligated to nod because there’s a chance he’ll think you’re not paying attention. He is 100% invested in you when he’s having this conversation. Be in the moment.’ Michael Cole and I go to meet him before we go on the air. I go in there, get called in after waiting 15 minutes, I go in and he looks awesome! Swagged out. Great fit. He goes, ‘Pat.’ I’m coming in [for the handshake]. ‘Vince.’ Good shake. Great web to web, great eye contact. I go, ‘I know you don’t like to be complimented, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank you.’ Definitely a kiss ass moment, but also something I wanted him to know. He told me a couple of things, buried Cole. I go with a fist bump back, I didn’t know if he’s a fist bump guy. Good pop. Whole thing was 45 seconds to a minute,”

With McMahon in the building it also meant that he would be in McAfee’s ear throughout the show. Something McAfee later compared to “hearing the voice of God.”

“He dropped into my ear, said something that made me laugh. Cole is like, ‘Has he come into your ear?’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘You’re good then.’ ARE WE BEST FRIENDS?!?!?! As the show goes on, he would drop in and tell me something or remind me of something in hilarious fashion. Maybe others wouldn’t find it hilarious, but I did. We’d get to commercial and I’d be like, ‘That’s on me.’ He’d be like, ‘Don’t worry.’ It was like the voice of God.”

Reflecting on his debut appearance the previous week, McAfee was very self-critical, commenting that he thought he “stank.”

Away from SmackDown, Stephanie McMahon has recently revealed why Vince hates sneezing and nodding. The younger McMahon explained that his dislike of sneezing comes from not being able to control it, while nodding in a meeting can influence the room.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.