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Pat McAfee Comments On Potential Cody Rhodes WWE Return

Pat McAfee Cody Rhodes

Pat McAfee has some thoughts regarding the rumors that Cody Rhodes could be headed back to WWE.

Ever since news broke that Cody and Brandi Rhodes were leaving AEW, speculation has abounded that he could be on his way back to WWE, with some reports confirming that there have been serious talks to that effect. WWE programming has even been making sly references to the American Nightmare in recent days, adding fuel to the rumors’ fire sprinkling words like “dashing” into promos in reference to one of the star’s previous gimmicks.

SmackDown commentator Pat McAfee has certainly heard the speculation, and speaking on The Pat McAfee Show, first joked that he was unimpressed with the idea of Rhodes coming back to the WWE.

“I guess Cody Rhodes is coming to WWE. I guess. Who cares dude?! Him and his little friends started something, it was terrible. We actually went head to head on Wednesday, we beat them a couple different times. Who cares dude? To hell with Cody Rhodes. Now people are going to think I’m starting an angle with Cody Rhodes.”

However the former NFL punter went on to say that he’s actually excited for the potential return of the former Intercontinental Champion. Though he laughed about Cody potentially coming back as Stardust – a role that Rhodes famously hated playing and was partially to blame for his departure from WWE – he says that he’d be excited to see the Grandson of a Plumber appear on SmackDown.

“I’m actually pretty pumped if Cody’s coming back. Obviously a massive name in sports entertainment. If he’s coming to Smackdown, I’m excited about it. Cody Rhodes is going to be cool though in WWE. Put him back as Stardust (laughs)! Seeing what he’s done in AEW and seeing what he was doing in WWE, I can see why he maybe wanted to (leave WWE). But if he’s back, he’s back. I’m excited about it.”

A second generation superstar as the son of Dusty Rhodes, Cody first debuted on WWE television in 2007. During his time with the company until his departure in 2016, he became a two-time Intercontinental Champion and multi-time Tag Team Champion with various partners. One of these Tag Team Championship reigns was alongside his brother Dustin when the two competed as Goldust and Stardust.

After leaving the WWE, Rhodes competed in various promotions until he was instrumental in helping to start AEW in 2019. He was the inaugural TNT Champion, and went on to win that championship twice more during his time with All Elite Wrestling.

Despite choosing to leave the company earlier this month, Cody encourages people to continue watching the promotion and says that wrestling is thriving.

Pat McAfee received criticism for comparing a SmackDown match to an iconic WrestleMania moment

Pat McAfee is known for getting excited while calling the action on SmackDown, often finding himself jumping up on the announce desk or yelling about the competitors involved. No one makes him more enthusiastic these days than Rick Boogs, who accompanies partner Shinksuke Nakamura to the ring and delights McAfee with his guitar playing and silly antics.

On the January 28th episode of SmackDown, Nakamura and Boogs faced off against the pair of Jinder Mahal and Shanky, and one moment had McAfee particularly riled up. At the end of the match, Boogs lifted the much larger Shanky up to hit his signature slam called the Boogs Cruise to secure the pinfall victory. Pat McAfee exclaimed, “It’s just like Hogan and Andre!” in reference to the iconic WrestleMania III moment that saw Hogan bodyslam Andre the Giant.

However, the commentator revealed on The Pat McAfee Show that not everyone was fond of this comparison, and he received pushback for making the remark that many found to be too drastic in its hyperbole despite both featuring great feats of strength.

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