Pat McAfee On WarGames: “I Don’t Know If I Fully Understood What I Was Signing Up For”

Pat McAfee’s headline grabbing run in NXT seemingly reached its apex on December 6th, where the former NFL punter competed in the main event of NXT Takeover: WarGames.

Despite having acquitted himself well in his previous NXT outing opposite Adam Cole, it would appear that the brutality of the match setting took even the brash McAfee by surprise.

Speaking recently on Busted Open Radio, McAfee discussed his WarGames experience (transcription provided by Post Wrestling):

After Sunday night’s WarGames, I must admit, I don’t know if I fully understood what I was signing up for. Okay, there was a moment before that match backstage where the boys and I were getting ready to go out there and I’m pretty calm, cool, you know, excited for what’s about to go down and there’s like smelling salts, there’s some pacing going on, there’s a lot of it — it feels like you — the tension was palpable back there… and I was just kind of chilling, and then after going through one, I kind of understand why there was so much tension backstage. I mean my body was beat to hell, shoulder was completely bruised. My neck, we thought we potentially had a T1-T2 after coming off the top flatback and basically off the top of the cage and obviously the test came back and I’m good but the body’s sore, I got a broken toe, feels like I sprained my ankle somehow. I obviously had put on weight since then so I’ve been allergic to everything that’s been going on. It was an ass beating for sure and I didn’t get pinned so, I mean [I’m] still wondering about the results of it all.

The ‘Kings of NXT’ front man recently made headlines after it was reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that McAfee would remain absent from NXT television, most likely until Spring 2021.

Meltzer moved to clarify that there was no ill-will between McAfee and WWE management, however this did not stop McAfee from addressing fan criticism in the latest episode of The Pat McAfee Show.