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Pat McAfee Discusses If He Will Ever Wrestle Again

Pat McAfee

SmackDown commentator Pat McAfee has discussed if he’ll ever set foot in the ring again after his two memorable outings as part of NXT.

The former Indianapolis Colt began appearing for WWE in 2018 on pay-per-view pre-show panels but it wasn’t until 2020 until McAfee got his hands dirty in the ring. Following an altercation with Adam Cole on his radio show, McAfee was challenged on Cole’s behalf by NXT boss Triple H to meet the former NXT Champion at NXT TakeOver XXX. At that event, Cole defeated Pat McAfee but many were impressed by McAfee’s showing in his first-ever match.

McAfee returned to NXT two months later, aligning himself with Pete Dunne, Danny Burch, and Oney Lorcan as ‘The Kings Of NXT.’ The group ran roughshod over NXT until The Undisputed Era sought to take them out leading to a WarGames match which Cole’s group won.

Speaking to Ariel Helwani, Pat McAfee has discussed if he’d ever set foot in the ring again now that he has a role at the announce table every Friday night:

“I don’t know. I was so sore, dude. My body hurt so bad. I fractured my left big toe when I did the moonsault through somebody on the table. It was literally as soon as I got in the ring. As soon as I got in the WarGames match, I had to get four tables from out under the ring, I was winded, they are very heavy. The first thing I did was a moonsault through somebody on the table. I had never done one. In theory, I thought I could do it. I had done it onto the crash pad I had in the ring in my office. I had never actually done it onto someone.”

“First minute in the match, I did a moonsault and I don’t turn my feet out so my toe just goes straight into the mat. Fracture my big toe. Then the flip off the top, the match with Adam Cole, I got kicked so hard in the middle of the face. My whole body was incredibly sore. The amount of respect I had for every man and woman who gets in the ring after my first match, I had massive respect for them, but it grew. I’m a delicate flower, but let’s assume I’m probably gonna get back in. Let’s assume. I gotta win at some point. I can’t be completely defeated, but my body was beat up. I was very sore.”

h/t Fightful for the transcription