Pat McAfee Casts Doubt On WWE Future

Pat McAfee

Pat McAfee first stepped away from WWE in September 2022. The former NFL star had been an ever-present at the SmackDown announce table alongside Michael Cole ever since April 2021.

However, McAfee landed a gig as part of ESPN’s College Gameday’ team which took him away from the squared circle. McAfee was initially replaced by Corey Graves before WWE made a number of changes to their commentary teams a month later. As part of the re-shuffle, Wade Barrett joined Michael Cole on SmackDown, Booker T moved to NXT alongside Vic Joseph and the Raw Commentary returned to being a two-person booth.

Jimmy Smith left the company with Kevin Patrick joining Graves calling the action.

McAfee made a shock return at the Royal Rumble to call the action with Michael Cole and Corey Graves, but this appears to have just been a one-off.

Interestingly, the popular figure has now cast further doubt on his WWE future, citing uncertainty over a potential takeover of the company. In a lengthy post on social media discussing his recent success and future plans, McAfee suggested that a return to WWE is very much up in the air.

“Baby girl on the way… what’s that mean for my future with @WWE? I LOVE it but, they’re allegedly gonna be sold, who’s buying them? Do I want to work/make money for those people?”

Pat McAfee Sued By Brett Favre

In the post, McAfee also joked that he is still being sued by NFL and Green Bay Packers legend Brett Favre.

The announcer is facing a lawsuit alongside Mississippi Auditor Shad White, and NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe. Favre’s lawsuit quoted McAfee as saying “every time his name gets brought up, we have to mention that he tied the hands of the poor people and took money right out of their pockets” and that “Favre is certainly in the middle of stealing from poor people in Mississippi right now.”

Favre had been accused of knowingly stealing $1.1 million in Mississippi welfare funds in exchange for speeches he never made and returning the $1.1 million, but not the $228,000 in interest he made from the payment.