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Paige VanZant Makes Surprise AEW Return, Brawls With Brandi Rhodes [Video]

Paige VanZant Brandi Rhodes

While Brandi Rhodes and Dan Lambert engaged in a war of words on Dynamite, MMA star Paige VanZant returned to attack the Rhodes to the Top star!

American Top Team leader Dan Lamber has been antagonizing members of the Rhodes family in recent weeks, confronting both Cody and Brandi Rhodes on separate occasions. He first clashed with Brandi on the December 29th episode of Dynamite, during which the Chief Brand Officer put the brash manager in his place.

Lambert had more scathing words for Brandi Rhodes on the February 2nd episode of Dynamite. Rhodes began the segment by addressing the Chicago crowd and saying how nice it was to be back in “Cleveland,” which drew resounding boos from the crowd. Lambert, flanked by Men of the Year Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky, interrupted the Chief Brand Officer as she ran down the Chicago crowd and accused her and her husband of “buying into their own bulls***.”

American Top Team’s mouthpiece continued, saying that Brandi could pretend a lot of things, but couldn’t pretend that the crowd wasn’t booing her out of the building. Rhodes retorted by starting to praise Lambert’s accomplishments, which was met with chants of “Shut the f*** up” from the crowd, but she managed to continue and point out his failures with American Top Team, calling them “American Top T*ts.”

After a particularly disparaging remark to Rhodes, Brandi delivered a slap to Dan Lambert, who said he still had things to accomplish in AEW. This drew out returning former UFC star Paige VanZant, who made a beeline to attack in response to the disparaging remarks about American Top Team. The women’s locker room emptied to separate the two women, and while officials finally sent VanZant back up the ramp, the tension between the two seems far from over.

Brandi Rhodes later took to social media to admonish the Chicago crowd for cheering VanZant’s attack, calling them “trash.”

You guys would cheer for @paigevanzant and her big headed Daddy Dan. They fit right in with the Chicago trash #AEWDynamite

Elsewhere on AEW Dynamite, Chicago’s own CM Punk suffered his first defeat since joining the company back in September.