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Paige Files Legal Proceedings Against The Person Who Sold Her Address

Paige in the gym

WWE Superstar, Paige, has taken steps to file legal proceedings against an unnamed individual who sold her address online.

The incident stems from the harrowing ordeal the talent went through in November 2020 when a member of the public spontaneously turned up on her doorstep. When the person, who was detained by police, told Paige and partner Ronnie Radke that symbols had lead him to her home, something more worrying was afoot.

The aforementioned symbols turned out to be the star’s legitimate home address which the perpetrator had purchased online.

Now, in a series of tweets, the former NXT and WWE Divas Champion has informed her fans and the person who doled out her home location for cash that the police are now involved and a pending legal case is in the works.

In her first tweet, Paige said:

“You realize how disgusting this is? You literally tried to get money for our address!! You’re a terrible person. The cops are involved. A report was put in your name. Numerous people came forward about you w/ DMs. You changed your Twitter name after being called out.”

Her next tweet stated:

“Yeah using lawyers to get a lawsuit for someone selling our address makes me super s***ty. Thanks for making me see the light, bud.”

Paige has not been seen in competition since the December 25, 2017, Monday Night Raw when she teamed with Absolution teammates Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose to defeat Bayley, Sasha Banks and Mickie James.

Two days later on a WWE live event, Paige suffered a career ending to her neck following a kick from Sasha Banks. She announced her retirement from in-ring competition on the April 9, 2018, edition of Raw.