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Paige Calls Out Scammers

Paige giving thumbs down

Former Divas Champion Paige has hit out at online scammers who are taking advantage of her recent revelation that she is leaving WWE.

In a statement recently released on Twitter, Paige revealed that she will be parting ways with WWE when her contract expires on July 7th, ending over a decade with the company.

The Anti-Diva acknowledged that her neck injury made it “pretty hard” for WWE to keep her under contract for as long as they did. She’s been officially inactive since retiring the night after WrestleMania 34, although she hadn’t wrestled since the prior December.

Now the English star has been forced to take to social media to clarify her contact details after finding out scammers were contacting promoters while pretending to be her:

“So it’s I’ve been told there are people making fake emails pretending to be me to try and scam promoters etc. The only 2 emails that are MINE are: BookSaraya@gmail.com SarayaBusinessInquiry@gmail.com That being said. Now I’ve had a few days to chill, let’s goooo!”

Speaking on a Twitch stream following the announcement Paige said she was the healthiest she had been in her career and, although she admitted she has not been cleared yet, believes she can compete again.

“I feel like I can compete again, yeah. 1000%”

Paige went on to say that she won’t be subject to a non-compete clause due to her contract expiring and added that she’s open to joining another company “if the money’s right.”