First Look At Owen Hart In AEW Fight Forever Revealed

Owen Hart's appearance in AEW Fight Forever.

The release of AEW’s debut title on consoles and computers, Fight Forever, is less than a month away.

With daily posts of gameplay reveals on social media leading up to the game’s release on June 29th, wrestling fans are becoming increasingly excited and eager to play it for themselves.

Now, after rumours circulated about the nature of his appearance in Fight Forever, fans have been treated with a glimpse of how Owen Hart’s character will look in-game.

First Look At Owen Hart In AEW Fight Forever Revealed

The exclusive first look at Owen Hart in AEW Fight Forever was delivered in a video by YouTuber DenkOps.

In the video, Owen Hart is shown within a game mode known as “Road to Elite,” which will act as the game’s season mode. Road to Elite will allow players to take Owen Hart, or any other AEW wrestler, on their journey to becoming “All Elite.”

The announcement of Owen Hart’s inclusion in a wrestling video game after almost two decades was considered a significant development. His last appearance in video games would be in the Legends of Wrestling series, which released games in 2002 and 2004.

In 1999, Hart was featured in the WWF Attitude video game. However, he has not been included in any WWF/WWE video games since then. This is because Owen Hart’s widow, Dr. Martha Hart, did not want WWE to make money using Owen’s name following his untimely passing.

In the wake of this tragic event, Dr. Martha Hart opened the Owen Hart Foundation, a charity which supports local, national and international communities through scholarships, housing and partnership programs. The charity announced a partnership with All Elite Wrestling in September 2021 to commemorate Owen Hart’s legacy through various initiatives, including the Fight Forever video game.

A substantial portion of Fight Forever’s roster was recently announced, which includes notable names like Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Britt Baker, and Sting, among others. The addition of Owen Hart to the roster opens up opportunities for exciting dream matches to take place when the game is released on June 29th.