“He Didn’t Outsmart McMahon, He Bought 83 Weeks With Someone Else’s Money” – Ric Flair On Eric Bischoff

Ric Flair

As the war of words between Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff continues, the Nature Boy has hit out at his former boss for “spending Turner’s money” and bankrupting WCW.

The most recent spat between Bischoff and Flair began with the 16-time World Champion branding Bischoff an “arrogant pr*ck” on a recent episode of his podcast. Since then the pair have gone back and forth on social media, and their respective podcasts.

In his most recent salvo, Bischoff claimed that he couldn’t make any money with Flair in WCW, which forced him to go out and sign Hulk Hogan.

Ric Flair Claims Eric Bischoff Bought Success With Other People’s Money

During the most recent episode of Flair’s To Be The Man podcast, he delivered a withering assessment of Bischoff’s managerial abilities. Flair stated that far from outsmarting Vince McMahon during the ‘Monday Night Wars,’ Bischoff just bought success with Turner’s money.

“I mean, you’re talking about Eric, again, where Eric, you know, he says that they were the only competition or that Eric is called a visionary for that, you know, for 83 weeks? Well, all Eric did really is use all of Turner’s money, not his own. He has bought 83 weeks. He didn’t outsmart McMahon.

He bought 83 weeks with somebody else’s money, which eventually bankrupted the company. What Eric should have done basically, when it comes to me, and I read about what he says about me, and I asked the people in the documentary when I saw what Eric said, it doesn’t change my opinion. He’s an arrogant dick.”

Flair then referenced the incident which began their feud in April 1998. The Nature Boy requested time off to go and see his son compete in a wrestling competition. Although Flair wasn’t in a major storyline at the time, Bischoff turned down his request, but Flair missed the show anyway. Flair wouldn’t return to television until September.

“But what Eric might have, where it says that he said it he had to bring to my attention, this is the exact verbiage I’ve seen it again. He had to make me bring it to my attention that there were rules to comply by and that I didn’t, you know, guys flew to get the time off to take my son to the AU nationals.

Actually, if Eric spent as much time disciplining the people that never took steroid tests, that never showed up for work, that did whatever they wanted to do. I mean, he completely after Crockett, after seeing the Carolinas, and you follow wrestling, be the hottest territory in the country. He completely flattened every arena, and in particular, Winston Salem. Hey, I’ve killed some towns, but I haven’t killed like that.

We’ve all had matches that were stinkers, but when you kill it, I was at Greensboro one night, there were 14 No shows or 26 people. Any penalties? No. And then when you finally hired someone to bring some structure, organisation, in this case it was Johnny Ace, who stood up [to people] but it was too late.

Eric was out the door anyway, but he hated Johnny Ace too, [but] Johnny Ace was a Road Warrior’s brother, and Road Warriors were tough guys. And they didn’t see Eric in that light. I don’t think anybody did.”

During the episode, Ric Flair also showed his support for Vince McMahon amid reports that he wants to return to WWE. However, in the same report it was revealed that McMahon is also facing fresh allegations of sexual assault.

Vince McMahon retired from his role with WWE in July 2022 following a string of sexual misconduct claims were made against him, while it is alleged that he paid more than $12 million in secret settlements to supress the allegations.

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