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Otis Reveals Drastic New Look, Uses ‘Real’ Voice

Otis Thumb

WWE Superstar Otis has appeared on WWE’s The Bump sporting a drastic new look and demeanour.

Having shaved off his beard in recent weeks, the former Mr Money In The Bank has now had his long locks cut off and would express a more serious tone in the interview, as Otis seems to have eradicated his comedic catchphrase and is all business – much like his character has played out.

“I don’t really care what anybody says unless it’s my coach. They see the shaved beard, they see the cut hair and I want them to see that Otis is a changed man.”

Otis recently sat down with Ryan Satin of Fox Sports in December to discuss the recent changes in his career, noting his long history with Chad Gable.

“We’ve known each other since… well, I met him in like 2008, but we started knowing each other at the Olympic training centre up there in Colorado Springs. So, we trained together, we’ve always hung out. He’s always wrestled the big guys. He waits until we’re tired, though, to get us. Like, five heavyweights. He comes over and wants a piece of us, and we’d start training together.”

Speaking of all the recent changes in his career, Otis admits that 2020 has been a tough year, but that teaming with Gable has been a welcome change:

“It’s an opportunity where I had a lot of bad things happen. I got Mandy on RAW, Tucky-Tucky turned on me. He’s on RAW. I’m just a lonely man in a lonely world. 2020’s been a tough year for everybody. It’s been like, when I have a buddy come over. We travel together, we eat together, we get coffee together. He takes me to these fancy coffee shops. I always mess up what I order. I always say venti, they give me some kind of milk. I got nothing against milk, but I don’t want milk in my coffee. He’s basically like my, I don’t want to say a road wife, but he’s like, “No, order like this. Come on, what are you doing?’ I’m like, “Sorry about that.”