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Original Plans For Chelsea Green Revealed

Chelsea Green Thumb

According to Fightful Select, there were huge plans in place for the main roster debut of Chelsea Green several months ago.

Long before her ill-fated Friday Night SmackDown debut which saw the star break her wrist, there were huge designs in place for the star to receive a major push in a storyline with Mickie James.

Subsequent to the report, WWE were planning a tale for the talent in which she would emulate James’ character from 2006 by eventually becoming obsessed with the legend before turning on full stalker mode and attempting to dress and emulate her inside the ring.

As per the report, both Green and James had begun to film segments for the storyline where Chelsea would have portrayed Mickie as her idol. Over the coming weeks and months her obsession would have grown to the point of implosion.

Though there was no word on whether the two women would have collided at WrestleMania 37, ala Mickie James and Trish Stratus, the story would have brought James’ career full circle. Beginning and ending her illustrious time in the ring with the same narrative.

Mickie James’ craze for Trish Stratus in 2005/2006 was one of the greatest and most memorable chronicles WWE have ever done. Following months of intensity from the relatively new James, the pair met in the ring at WrestleMania 22 for the WWE Women’s Championship with the somewhat psychotic fan coming out on top in a stature enhancing result.

Prior to WWE Survivor Series, Chelsea Green made her main roster debut on Friday Night SmackDown in a Survivor Series Triple Threat Qualifying Match. Initially, Green was meant to win the bout and move on to the elimination extravaganza as part of Team SmackDown.

However, the star suffered an unfortunate broken wrist during the bout not only removing her from plans for November 22.