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Original Plans For Bobby Lashley Changed

Theory posing off against Bobby Lashley

A new report suggests that last week’s closing segment on Raw involving Bobby Lashley and Theory was initially not as serious as it played out.

Last week’s Raw ended with a “Posedown” between Bobby Lashley and the United States Champion Theory. Lashley won the whole thing, but Theory got the last laugh after squirting Lashley in the face with baby oil. While the addition of Theory in a main event segment is no surprise given his sustained push in WWE, a new report has revealed the segment was supposed to be more comedic.

According to Fightful Select, the original pitch for the closing segment involved R-truth and several props to add comedic elements. Theory on TV has been portrayed as a serious and arrogant champion, especially in the current feud with the “All Mighty” former WWE Champion. Although Theory has poked some jabs, Lashley doesn’t seem all that threatened by the U.S. champ. After their confrontation on the Raw after Hell in a Cell, Lashley sent out a stern warning to Theory on Raw Talk:

The kid looks great, he’s been wrestling. He’s been killing it. Then he comes to me. The decisions we make in wrestling and this is just a bad decision for him. It’s not the time… Kid, you have two options: turn away or turn back and bring me the title… I guess if he wants to step up for me, I’ve got a new title to go for… I’d say fully focused on kicking his a** for coming out there and interrupting me while I was talking to the audience.

Theory is rumored to be facing a returning John Cena next month at SummerSlam. With Bobby Lashley the biggest threat to Theory’s title so far, it remains to be seen whether or not the star will still be carrying the United States Championship by the time SummerSlam rolls around.

h/t Sportskeeda