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Original Plans For Raw’s Controversial Cage Match Ending Reportedly Revealed

Bobby Lashley Omos Raw WrestleMania Backlash

The cage match between Bobby Lashley and Omos on Monday Night Raw was supposed to have a different ending according to one report!

The May 16th episode of Monday Night Raw saw Bobby Lashley and Omos square off inside a steel cage after months of tension between the two men. According to WrestleVotes on Twitter, the match was supposed to feature a spot where the ring collapsed, but those plans were scrapped.

“Over the course of the past week, there was an idea for a collapsing ring angle during the cage match tonight on RAW w/ Omos & Lashley. I’ve heard that idea got squashed over the weekend. Good. It’s way overplayed.”

However, WWE still found a way to showcase the size of the two behemoths in the ring, and the ending of the match instead featured a spot where the cage wall collapsed when Omos threw Bobby Lashley into it. This allowed Lashley to stand up, step off the cage wall, and win the match.

MVP and Omos protested loudly that Lashley shouldn’t be declared the winner because he didn’t climb over the top of the cage, but the referee firmly declared that it didn’t matter how he got there; both of Lashley’s feet hitting the floor outside the ring meant he was the winner.

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