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Original Main Roster Plans For Karrion Kross Reportedly Revealed

Karrion Kross

A new report has seemingly shed some light on the original main roster plans for NXT Champion Karrion Kross.

The NXT Champion debuted on the July 19th episode of Monday Night RAW, where he was defeated in short order by Jeff Hardy. It was a defeat that reportedly caused some consternation backstage amongst NXT talent and staff who were said to be “shocked and frustrated” by how the debut was handled.

On the most recent, July 26th episode of the show, Kross was again in action, this time taking on Keith Lee. Although, on this occasion it was Kross who emerged victorious.

However, a new report has suggested that this was never originally the plan.

Speaking on the Mat Men Podcast, Andrew Zarian said that Kross was originally scheduled to lose to Hardy again. This is before the ‘No More Words’ Star tested positive for COVID 19. Not only that, Kross was supposed to keep on losing.

“This was not the original match, obviously this changed. Karrion Kross was meant to lose to Jeff Hardy again in the rematch and then finally go berserk.

I’m not 100% on this but I was told by somebody over there [WWE] that the plan was Karrion Kross keeps losing until Scarlett shows up, and that’s going to bring him back on track.”

Back in NXT it has been confirmed that Kross will do battle with Samoa Joe at NXT TakeOver:36.

After returning to NXT, Samoa Joe appeared as General Manager William Regal’s enforcer. Regal had initially looked to be stepping down from his role until Joe arrived to make sure the GM “got the respect he deserves.”

In the weeks that followed, Joe frequently clashed with Karrion Kross. On the July 13th episode of the show Joe served as the special guest referee for the NXT Title match between Kross and Johnny Gargano. After winning the match, Kross quickly turned his attention to Joe, choking out the former champion. The following week, Joe sought revenge but Kross instead attacked William Regal, saying he does whatever he wants.

On the most recent episode of NXT, Joe came to the ring to offer his resignation as Regal’s enforcer. But only so that he can have a match with Kross. Regal, who wanted to fire Kross for his actions, accepted Joe’s resignation and made the match official.