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“One Of The Best” – Booker T Praises Released WWE Star

Booker T

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has hailed a released WWE Superstar as “one of the best performers” that the company had to offer.

The saga of Sasha Banks and WWE began back in May when she and tag team partner Naomi unceremoniously left Raw despite being scheduled for the night’s main event.

WWE subsequently suspended the pair and stripped them of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. Reports said the women handed over the belts to John Laurinaitis before they left.

Most recently reports have surfaced saying that Sasha Banks has been released by WWE, with one source saying that the deal for her to leave happened “weeks ago.”

Now Booker T has had his say on Banks and says he rates her as one of the top stars that the company had on their books:

“I know talent when I see it and I’ve always put Sasha near the head of the table as far as being one of the best performers in WWE or as far as what we’ve seen in the women. Period. She knows what she’s doing inside that ring, I can’t take that away from her – and no one can.”

“Sasha, just say, for instance, you weren’t a big wrestling fan and you say, ‘Have you heard Sasha Banks?’ And you go, ‘I’ve heard that name before, I don’t know who that is, but I’ve heard that name before.’ Sasha, her name will get there well before her because she’s that good.”

Neither WWE nor Sasha Banks have confirmed that she has left WWE and she remains listed as a current superstar on WWE.com at this time.

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