“I Think I Have One More Run Left In Me” – Buff Bagwell

Buff Bagwell

Could we once again see Buff Bagwell in the squared circle?

The former WCW star and New World Order (NWO) member, Buff Bagwell, recently took part in an interview with Chris Van Vliet.

Buff Bagwell Wants Back In The Ring

Buff Bagwell spoke about a multitude of topics, and the one that caught the most attention was about a potential return to the ring.

“I would love to wrestle again. I think I have got one more run left in me. I know I do. I know I have got a little bit of a career left. I took a bump with crutches at the GCW Pay-Per-View a year ago. I took a superkick from Joey (Janella) and I took a good clean bump.”

Buff Bagwell also spoke about his time in rehab.

“I have been to rehab 4 or 5 times. Out of those 4 or 5, I didn’t know what was wrong with me for 3 of them. I didn’t know about my sleep apnea. So the 4th one, I took my CPAP with me and if I had listened and would have been ready, I probably could have gotten clean there, but I didn’t, and I came home 20-something days clean.

My sobriety date was August 27th of this year. I am clean for 40-something days. I am not a big counter, but I know my sobriety date. Everyone decided for me to go, and it was time, so I went.”

The former American Male, Buff Bagwell, also spoke about working with Diamond Dallas Page (DDP).

“So Buff has got me a long way in life, but Buff is also what has got me into a lot of trouble. I think everybody was just thinking that it was time for a change. Then the show came out with Dallas, the docuseries, the Change or Die thing. Dallas from the get go was not wanting to call me Buff anymore. It was all about me and it got me a long way.

But I think that Dallas and Steve saw it before anybody. Buff maybe had his run. Dallas was not wanting me to bring the hat out. I said, ‘But Dallas, people want me to wear that hat all the time. He goes, ‘I know, but just leave it on the table. Let them see it but don’t wear it.’ He also said that he feels sorry for the older guys that are holding onto things.

He said to me, “I kind of feel sorry for you when you walk in here with your top hat on.’ I said, ‘I feel sorry for myself too, but the fans love it.’ Dallas then said, ‘Yeah, but I think we need to recreate you.’ I’m thinking, to what? Then all of a sudden the Mr. Rogers thing came to life. Then we did the debut in Baltimore with Mr. Bagwell’s Neighborhood. Buff was something that was great to be Buff in the 90’s with that fame. It was so much luck, but so much work.”

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