Only One Eyewitness Can Publicly Speak About AEW All Out Brawl

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Though AEW All Out saw multiple champions crowned, the event itself has been overshadowed by what took place immediately afterward. During a media scrum after the show, CM Punk launched into a verbal tirade, calling out Colt Cabana, Hangman Adam Page, and though he didn’t call them out by name, took pointed shots at AEW EVP’s The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega.

The AEW EVP’s reportedly confronted CM Punk after the media scrum, and a confrontation led to punches being thrown as well as Ace Steel throwing a chair and biting Kenny Omega. Everyone involved in the brawl was suspended from the company, and CM Punk and The Elite were stripped of the championships they’d won hours previously. Ace Steel has since bene released from AEW, and CM Punk does not look to be coming back. The Elite, however, were shown in a video package on the most recent episode of AEW Dynamite.

Ace Steel’s Wife Lucy Was In The Room During The AEW All Out Altercation

Details about the brawl following AEW All Out vary widely, with CM Punk’s camp claiming that his dog Larry was injured when the AEW EVP’s “kicked the door in.” However, those close to The Elite called the dog’s injury a “complete fabrication.”

We may never know exactly what happened in the room, but according to Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there is one eyewitness who is legally able to speak about the experience despite not having been interviewed as part of the internal investigation. Ace Steel’s wife Lucy Guy was in the room, and while most of the participants have been told not to speak publicly, she is allowed to if she chooses.

“To this day, every person, either involved or there, but one, Lucy Guy, was not allowed to talk publicly. Lucy Guy has not talked publicly, but of all the people who saw what happened, she is the only one who can publicly at this point giver her version of the story. Several others have said they hoped at some point to be able to give their sides of the story, but now with the investigation completed, none are allowed to publicly or privately talk about anything related to the incident.”

While the investigation into the events after AEW All Out is now complete, it was held up due to one party being “uncooperative.”