Omos Gave Fellow WWE Star Anime Recommendations


While Omos might be a huge, scary giant inside the ring, it turns out he’s a spends his time outside the squared circle recommending anime to his fellow Superstars.

The interests of your average WWE Superstar have changed dramatically over the last decade and beyond. With current generation more likely to be found video games than getting thrown out of bars.

To hammer this home, Ricochet has revealed that he and Omos have bonded outside of the ring over a love of anime. Speaking to Crunchyroll, the high-flying former Intercontinental Champion explained that the giant recommended he check out Jujutsu Kaisen, adding that there are a number of stars putting each other onto new stuff.

I think now because we’re all older now we are all recommending stuff to each other. It’s actually a couple of people,”. Omos was the one who recommended JUJUTSU KAISEN to me. We’ve had a couple of guys recommend Attack on Titan for me and so that’s something I want to continue watching. Attack on Titan is crazy so I really want to make sure I’m paying attention to it.

“But yeah, I think you see people wearing like — I think I saw one of the guys walking around with some Demon Slayer water style shoes on, like the Nike check with the water style check. I walked in here earlier with a Naruto shirt on. Like you see with guys with stuff on all the time, especially now, because, again, I think it’s what we like. Yeah, we’re older now, but we still like that stuff.”

Ricochet went on to discuss One Piece, before naming his own version of the Straw Hat Pirates featuring WWE Superstars.

“I would definitely be Luffy. I’m the rubber man! The way Ricochet is, he’s always getting beat up but he’s always prevailing. Anything he says he’s gonna do he attacks it head-on. Drew McIntyre is probably going to be my Zoro. AJ Styles can be my Sanji. I wonder if AJ can cook? Tozawa gotta be Usopp. Charlotte would be Nico Robin. Liv Morgan would probably be Nami. And Montez could be Brook.”

Ricochet last featured on WWE television competing in the ‘Last Chance Battle Royal’ on June 27th to try and earn a spot in the men’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match. Meanwhile, Omos has been marching his way through the red brand, most recently helping The Usos defeat The Street Profits and R-Truth on July 11th.