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Omos And AJ Styles Split On Raw

AJ Styles Omos

Former Raw Tag Team Champions Omos and AJ Styles are a team no more as tension between the pair came to a head on Raw!

Angst and mistrust has spelt the end for many a tag team, and the partnership between AJ Styles and Omos can now be added to that list. After weeks of unease, things finally came to a head on the December 20th episode of Raw, just one week after Styles insisted that the pair were fine.

The former Tag Champions were the latest guests on Miz TV, with AJ Styles determined to present a united front, but The Miz had other ideas. After Styles talked up his protégé and the partnership, Miz said that the giant stood between the two men had confided in him that he was less than happy in his role. Miz continued to stir the pot, taking shots at Styles for not arriving in WWE until 15 years into his career. Just as it looked like Omos was going to talk, the segment was interrupted by The Mysterios setting up a tag team match.

During the bout, Styles tried to tag Omos in, but the giant turned away, allowing Rey Mysterio to roll the former World Champion. After the match, Styles finally lost it, calling Omos a piece of trash causing the dissention to get physical. Styles threw all he could at his now-former partner, before lining up a Phenomenal Forearm. However, Omos grabbed Styles from the top rope, delivering a press slam.

Before leaving, the former college basketball star said that the next time that Styles sees him will be in a match.

Omos signed with WWE in 2019, before appearing alongside Akira Tozawa as his ‘Giant Ninja.’ He later featured as the bouncer on Raw Underground.

After Raw Underground was cancelled, the giant Superstar joined forces with AJ Styles, being formally introduced at Survivor Series in 2020. As the months passed, Omos helped Styles during his matches, much to the chagrin of the former World Champion’s opponents.

In March, Omos announced that he would be stepping inside the ring for the first time, teaming with Styles to take on The New Day at WrestleMania 37. On the night Styles and Omos won the Raw Tag Team Championships, with the former college basketball star earning praise for his performance.

Speaking in a recent interview, Styles said that he expects his now-former partner to be World Champion soon.