ODB On Returning To IMPACT Wrestling: “I’ve Never Burned A Bridge In Wrestling”


Former four-time Knockouts Champion, ODB has revealed she is returning to IMPACT Wrestling.

In an exclusive interview with Chris Van Vliet, ODB explained why she felt now was the right time to take time away from her food truck business and wrestle again:

“I think I only wrestled a couple of times last year. Never retired, just kind of expanded. Obviously expanded my brand into the food truck and the food truck took off. And now I’m like, I kind of want to get out there. I just don’t want a food truck. I want a food truck but I want to be more special. I want a food truck. I want to get in the ring. I want to do this and that and actually… so I am actually getting back in the ring. IMPACT, obviously, called me and that’s a cool thing about stuff. I’ve never burned a bridge in wrestling like yeah, we all have our bad moments and stuff. Whatever, you want to tell everyone to go f**k themselves, but IMPACT was awesome.”


ODB wrestled for IMPACT during several spells between 2007-2020. The 42-year-old explained why she is always drawn back to the company:

“TNA was always my home and then they buzzed me and every time, I’m like,’ oh gosh. Oh boy, here we go.’ But, you know, they’re like, ‘hey, would you want to come back and see what happens and possibly bring the food truck?’ So that’s my ultimate goal, is actually to drive my ODB’s Meat & Greet into a stadium.”

On whether she wanted to hook up with her former on-screen husband, Eric Young on her IMPACT return, ODB added:

“That actually is something, I guess. I’m not afraid to pitch anything. “

IMPACT Wrestling airs each Tuesday night on AXS TV.

h/t to Fightful for transcription