nZo Reveals Why He Isn’t Eager To Re-Enter WWE’s “Go F*ck Yourself Environment”

nZo FI 1

During a recent interview with Inside The Ropes, nZo, FKA Enzo Amore, revealed why he is not eager to return to the WWE, going as far as to describe the company as a “go f*ck yourself environment.”

Speaking with Inside The Ropes own Liam Alexander-Stewart, the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion would discuss a potential Enzo & Cass reunion in the WWE, revealing why he isn’t “eager” to return to that environment at this point in his career.

“Oh, man, it’s funny, man. You know, I’m really happy and looking at where my life is and where my career has went and every wrestling signing that I go to, you know, I get great fans that I owe the world to. So, I’m in a good place right now. I think Cass is in a great place right now, and I don’t know if I’d be eager to enter a go f*ck yourself environment. So, you know, like you got to be ready to do that and if the opportunity called, like would I field the phone call like. I don’t even know.”

The 35 year old would continue on, explaining that he is excited to be getting back in the ring with MLW and is also very excited about the work he is doing in music as ‘Real1’ and as part of his rock band ‘Real1 & The How You Doin’ Band‘.

“I’m honestly very, very happy and very much looking forward to what I’m doing in music. Chris Jericho’s 50 something years old, has a top billboard hit and won the title at 50 in AEW. Like I’m young in this business, young with all the things I want to do. When Fergal Devitt came to NXT, he was my age that I’m at now. So like I got plenty of years ahead of me and I’m getting back out in the ring [with MLW]. I’m excited about the work that I’m putting in.”

Finally, nZo would look forward to what he is looking to achieve this year in wrestling, stating that his goal is to get more work out their but fans should be aware that Enzo Amore exists in the WWE only and the character he portrays on the independents or taped programming is not the same.

“I think that I need to put some more work out there for the world to see. That’s because I do believe wholeheartedly that Enzo Amore exists in one place. I think he’s a WWE character, and I don’t play that guy when I’m out here, on the indies or working on taped programming.”

Since departing the WWE in 2018, nZo has made appearances for a variety of promotions including most recently MLW where he recently took on fellow former 205 Live roster member Lince Dorado at MLW Kings of Colosseum in Philadelphia.

Thank you to nZo for taking the time out to speak with Inside The Ropes, you can support nZo by following him on his Twitter & Instagram as well as checking out his music over on Spotify – ‘Real1’ for rap and ‘Real1 & The How You Doin’ Band’ for Rock.

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