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NXT’s Reported Move To Tuesday Nights Might Be Off

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The seemingly proposed move that would see NXT move from Wednesday to Tuesday nights might not be happening according to new reports.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has reported that the purported move to Tuesday night might not happen. This is due to NBC, who owns the USA Network that NXT airs on failing in their first bid for the rights to show NHL matches.

Meltzer, speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio explained:

“So the NHL deal with ESPN is a partial deal, the NHL is going to be signing two network deals. But the preferred package went to ABC Disney for $400 million a year. That’s double what they were getting with the old NBC deal and they also expect an increase in the NBC deal. So they’re looking at maybe 3.5 times what they were getting and that’s with lower ratings.”

Meltzer then explained that the Wednesday night NHL game that would cause NXT to move nights is almost certainly in the package NBC is bidding on.

He then added that the two sides are still far apart on money for a deal “not to be close.” Meltzer also noted that NBC is not the only network bidding for the rights but they are considered the “primary bidder.”

NXT has aired on the USA Network since autumn 2019. The black and gold brand has gone head to head with AEW Dynamite almost every week since Dynamite debuted in October 2019. The ‘Wednesday Night Wars’ have been intriguing for wrestling fans as both companies have sought ratings dominance on Wednesdays.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Radio