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NXT UK’s Nina Samuels & Amale Go Head To Head In Football Showcase

Ahead of England’s Lionesses taking on France in a “friendly” that never quote warrants that name, two NXT UK Superstars have given us a special preview by going one-on-one in their very own football skills challenge!

Nina Samuels represented England, while Amale represented France in a competitive challenge that saw both women take tips from freestyle footballer and TikTok sensation Lia Lewis.

WWE’s only French Superstar Amale would praise “talented” Lia, hinting that she’d be keen to return the favour inside a steel cage!

“Allez les Bleus! My national pride was at stake during this challenge and I was not about to let the side down. Lia is so talented, maybe next time we’ll teach her what it takes in a real steel cage!”

Meanwhile, Nina Samuels would throw her support behing the Lionesses, and note how the competition between both women was as “friendly” as tonight’s match is sure to be – stating that her and Amale’s desire to win extends well beyond the ring.

“England all the way – for the both the Lionesses’ Friday friendly AND our football freestyle challenge. Amale and I are just as competitive on the pitch, as we are in the squared circle. I wish England the best of luck for Friday’s game!”

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