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NXT UK Superstars Offer Advice As Gyms Reopen


The United Kingdom took a big step out of lockdown today as gyms started to reopen, and WWE’s UK-based Superstars have shared their experiences and given tips as they returned to the gym!

Gyms have been closed for the entirety of 2021, with gyms in England opening today, Scotland on the 26th, and Wales on May 3rd, with no news yet on a reopening for Northern Ireland.

NXT UK Superstars Nina Samuels, Amale, Wolfgang and Oliver Carter have shared their personal approach to returning to the gym after the lockdown shutout, giving advice on how fitness fanatics and anyone looking to get healthier after lockdown. The four NXT UK stars have returned to the gym, and are keen to help others safely return to the gym and get the most from rebooting workout sessions when a full range of equipment is available, instead of bags of rice and a Joe Wicks workout.

When asked for advice on how to safely return to the gym, Nina Samuels, Amale and Wolfgang all shared their respective experiences.

Nina Samuels: “It’s really important to listen to your body. Don’t focus on the numbers, focus on how you’re feeling.”

Amale: “When you’ve been out of the gym for so long, you can’t go as heavy as you used to.”

Wolfgang: “You’re no longer just going to be lifting cans of beans and bottles of milk. Instead there will be proper weights in front of you – you can’t dive right in. Ease into it, do the things that you enjoy doing. For me, it’s shoulders and bench. Enjoy also being in the mindset and being back in that environment again.”

Like most of the UK, NXT UK’s Superstars have had to find more inventive ways to stay fit over the best part of the last year.

Nina Samuels: “Home workouts are something I’ve steadily had to get used to for sure. At the start of lockdown, I started off lifting wine bottles for weights and buying gallon water bottles and using them as kettlebells.”

Oliver Carter: “I’ve been using 5kg rice bags at home! You just do what you can to stay healthy and fit.”


All four Superstars also shared their favourite moves to keep fit.

Nina Samuels: “I love an overhead press, it makes me feel super strong and powerful.”

Amale: “My go-to and first move I’ll do when I’m back in the gym? A deadlift. I love going heavy.”

Wolfgang: “My job is to throw folk around in the ring. To train for that, I use medicine balls to build strength.”

Oliver Carter: “A bench press was the first thing I did when I started in the gym and has remained my favourite. That’s where I’ll be heading to.”

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