NXT UK Star Debuts On 15/11 NXT

WWE NXT logo over Cora Jade

A former NXT UK star has crossed the pond and made their debut in WWE’s US developmental brand on this week’s edition of NXT.

Earlier this year, WWE announced that NXT UK would be closing its doors, with the brand having its last hurrah at the World’s Collide event on September 4th.

WWE’s Executive Vice President of Talent Development, Shawn Michaels, confirmed that WWE has plans to launch an entirely new brand in its place at some in 2023, which will be based in Europe.

Since its closure, the majority of the the UK brand’s roster have either made their way to America to join the NXT roster or have been released by the company.

Isla Dawn Arrives In NXT

The latest former NXT UK star to transition to the American developmental brand is Isla Dawn, who made her presence felt during the NXT Women’s Championship match between Mandy Rose and Alba Fyre this week.

Following a feud with Rose’s Toxic Attraction stable, Alba Fyre finally got her hands on the Champion and faced her for the title in a Last Woman Standing match on this Tuesday’s show.

Towards the end of the brutal encounter, Fyre climbed a ladder, looking to perform one last big move to keep Rose down for the 10-count and capture the championship.

However, it was at this point that Isla Dawn made her debut, appearing alongside Fyre at the top of the ladder before spitting mist in her eyes and pushing her off the ladder and through the announce table.

Dawn and Fyre met multiple times while competing in the UK and the former Kay Lee Ray looks set to be Isla Dawn’s first WWE feud on American soil.

Isla Dawn’s interference helped Mandy Rose retain her title and continue her lengthy reign as Champion. Rose is now third, only behind Asuka and Shayna Baszler, in the all-time record for longest reigning NXT Women’s Champions, having recently overtaken Charlotte Flair‘s record.