NXT UK Results – October 15, 2020

Imperium vs. Pete Dunne and Ilja Dragunov

NXT UK emanates from BT Sport Studios in East London once again this week, as the show’s spotlight continues to shine on the NXT UK Heritage Cup.

Two matches have already been pre-announced, including:

Results will be updated live after the show kicks off at 8pm BST/3pm ET.

NXT UK Heritage Cup Quarter Final: Dave Mastiff defeated Joseph Conners in the third round via KO

  • Mastiff controlled much of the first round, with Conners evading his offense
  • Commentary credited Conners’ technical ability throughout the early rounds
  • Mastiff knocked Conners out with a punch a few seconds into the first round

Analysis: A fun opener, helped by the unique match stipulation. Mastiff came across as an unstoppable force whilst Conners’ willingness to use dirty tactics helped his character.

Jordan Devlin video package

  • After referencing Worlds Collde, Devlin sent a statement to NXT’s cruiserweight division; claiming to be “property of absolutely no-one”, before ripping the microphone from his chest

Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith backstage segment

  • Carter and Smith greeted each other backstage before Carter revealed that he has a match against Eddie Dennis next week

Piper Niven defeated Isla Dawn via pinfall

  • Piper Niven won with the Piper Driver
  • Niven channelled some newly-found aggression following her loss to Kay Lee Ray a few weeks ago
  • Both women showed some mutual respect after the match

Analysis: This was a surprisingly closely-contested match as Dawn focused on her submission game, almost making Niven tap out. Niven’s aggression was as interesting as it was uncharacteristic – interested in where she goes from here.

An update on Flash Morgan Webster’s condition

  • Andy Shepherd declared that Webster is currently not medically cleared to compete following last week’s attack
  • The identity of Webster’s attacker is still unknown

Trent Seven addressed the NXT UK Heritage Cup

  • Seven is set to face Kenny Williams next week in the opening round

He acknowledged his disadvantages – both in terms of his age and his lack off experience in a rounds-based match

Ilja Dragunov & Pete Dunne defeated Imperium (WALTER & Alexander Wolfe) via pinfall

  • Ilja Dragunov hit WALTER with a Torpedo Moscow running uppercut for the win, becoming the first man to pin WALTER in NXT UK
  • Pete Dunne wore a new set of maroon ring attire that was reminiscent of what he wore in his earlier career
  • Andy Shepherd cited Dragunov’s offence as “almost a replica of WALTER’s” – crediting the Russian’s power and intensity
  • Dragunov’s evasive manoeuvres were a focal point throughout the match

Analysis: This was a fantastic main event. WALTER and Dragunov’s strike exchanges could be heard echoing throughout the empty arena, adding to the viciousness of their strikes. Dunne and WALTER had an answer for everything they threw at each other, harking back to their history. Momentum now seems to be in the number one contender’s favour as Dragunov challenges for the NXT UK Championship in two weeks’ time.

That wraps up this week’s edition of NXT UK. Overall, a strong episode that left us with a few questions. Piper Niven veering slowly to the dark side is some interesting character development, whilst her opponent Isla Dawn put on one of her strongest matches to date. Flash Morgan Webster is still not medically cleared whilst the identity of his attacker is still largely unknown. Capped off with a hard-hitting main event that made Ilja Dragunov look extremely strong, the NXT UK Championship showdown between him and WALTER cannot come soon enough.