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NXT UK Results – November 26, 2020

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NXT UK Results will be updated live as they occur so check back throughout the show!

Keep up to date with all of tonight’s NXT UK results from the BT Sports Studios in London, England. Tonight we will crown the inaugural NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion as the tournament finally comes to an end.

Coverage beings 8pm GMT, 3pm EST.

Matches Announced For Tonight’s Show:

NXT UK begins with a video package for the NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament. We recap A-Kid and Trent Seven’s journey to the final with comments from both men. Trent Seven says he needs it now, while A-Kid says he’ll do it for a whole new generation.

NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match

(c) Jordan Devlin vs. Amir Jordan

  • Jordan Devlin looks the most determined he’s done since Worlds Collide back in January
  • Both men get the proper championship match announcement and pre-match tradition
  • This has a big fight feel to it
  • Devlin begins with a standing headlock and takes Jordan down to the mat
  • Early into the match, the champion is going to the taped shoulder of the challenger but Jordan reverses and send Devlin to the mat
  • Devlin gets the advantage with a sly knee to the stomach
  • Lovely backdrop driver by ‘The Irish Ace’ who is cruising
  • Jordan nails hard chops which Jordan avoids in the third corner and responds with his own
  • Devlin cuts Jordan’s momentum with a lovely dropkick
  • Devlin cuts Jordan off again with a stunning urinagi and moonsault combo
  • After going outside, the match returns to the ring with a Devlin kneeling shoulder/backbreaker combo
  • The champion just punishes the body with an abdominal stretch
  • Jordan counters and builds momentum with a running clothesline and corner splash
  • Devlin is doing a great job of selling Amir as an unlikely threat
  • Jordan with a slingshot rolling cutter for a near fall
  • Devlin catches Jordan on the top rope with a stiff kick
  • Amir Jordan counters a top rope Spanish fly into a sunset bomb and a gorgeous electric chair front bomb
  • Devlin counters the Swanton Bombay and applies the cloverleaf for the submission victory

Winner: Jordan Devlin

Analysis: A really good match that did Devlin justice as champion. Jordan was never going to win this but he gave it a go and the champion sold his challenger’s threat. Now we need Devlin vs. Escobar as it was clear by the Grizzled Young Veterans returning to NXT that talent can travel.


Saxon Huxley challenges Rampage Brown in a backstage segment in the WWE UK Performance Centre. This isn’t going to end well for Huxley.

A vignette announces a Noam Dar chat show. It really looks and sounds like they have nothing for him so they’re giving him his own show.

Eddie Dennis and The Hunt are attacked by Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster outside the BT Studios after it was revealed The Hunt were behind the attack of the Welshmen.

Isla Dawn vs. Jinny

  • Isla Dawn was beginning to gain some momentum before NXT UK took its enforced break. Since its return, she’s reverted back to the Isla Dawn we got at the very beginning of NXT UK.
  • Jinny is coming off of costing Piper Niven the NXT UK Women’s Championship last week
  • Isla Dawn’s momentum was cut really short by Jinny who avoided a running charge and connected with a rolling Liger kick
  • Jinny works on the back of Dawn and asks her in a less than low tone if she deserves to be in the ring with her
  • An incredibly good octopus stretch by Jinny which looks painful
  • Dawn breaks by grabbing the rope but Jinny rolls back into a seated chinlock. Really nice move
  • Dawn lays into Jinny with kicks and a lovely running meteora
  • Isla with a near fall on a high angle backdrop driver
  • Jinny sweeps Dawn’s leg out and she lands face first on the knee
  • Dawn with a tarantula, straight the page of Tajiri
  • Jinny connects with an inverted kick to the head and applies an STF chinlock for the victory
  • Jinny looks into the camera and asks if she’s enjoying hospital

Winner: Jinny

Analysis: A by the numbers match which pushed Jinny further in her quest for the NXT UK Women’s Championship and feud with Piper Niven. It’s a shame what they’re doing to Dawn, she’s better than enhancement talent.

Alexander Wolfe interrupts Sid Scala and demands a match with Joe Coffey with Gallus banned from ringside. Scala agrees and says Imperium will also be banned. That will happen next week.

It’s announced that Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster will battle The Hunt next week.

NXT UK Heritage Cup Final

Trent Seven vs. A-Kid

  • Both men get all the bells and whistles of a championship match
  • As good as we all know this will be, somehow it doesn’t feel as big as it should.
  • Lovely cartwheel from a powerbomb pinfall from Seven who looks cheeky tonight
  • As Round 1 counts down, Trent has Kid locked in a headscissors
  • A-Kid with a double arm surfboard to Trent who can’t seem to get out of it
  • The Spaniard is looking like a star already
  • End of Round 1
  • Seven looks concerned as we go into Round 2. Kid looks confident
  • Round 2 begins with Seven winning a test of strength
  • Lovely back and forth strength test between the two as Kid regains control with the double-arm surfboard and turns it into a stretch
  • It feels like they’re just feeling each other out right now ready to go hell for leather in the final rounds
  • A-Kid applies a really nice ankle lock which he’s grapevined
  • Bell goes for the end of the round and Seven punches Kid. A lovely heel tease there
  • End of Round 2 and Kid is annoyed
  • Round 3
  • A-Kid charges Seven in the corner and now they’re throwing haymakers
  • Seven chops away at Kid
  • Trent looks like a heel turn could be on the horizon if he doesn’t win this
  • Kid with wicked kicks and a jumping superkick for the first fall in Round 3.
  • A-Kid 1-0
  • Round 4
  • A-Kid connects with a groggy Seven in the corner with another kick but Seven kicks out
  • Kid with a crossface choke and Trent looks like he’s in trouble now
  • Seven tries to counter but Kid into an armbar and then triangle clutch
  • Trent counters but Kid reverses a Seven Stars Lariat into another triangle clutch.
  • A-Kid looks ruthless. Booked this way from now on he’s a future main event star
  • Seven breaks the clutch with a massive slam
  • End of Round 4
  • Round 5
  • Seven comes out more ruthless. It’s now or never for Trent
  • A-Kid reverses a DDT into a Northern lights but Seven hits a DDT of his own
  • Huge corner clothesline from Seven
  • Kid fights out of the burning hammer
  • Trent counters a moonsault and brings Kid down on top
  • Both men up top, strikes by Seven but time is running out
  • Seven hits a back suplex from the top, Kid turns it into a cross body but time runs out as Kid makes the cover
  • End of Round 5
  • Round 6
  • Seven is going all out, snap dragon suplex, emerald flowsion for a near fall
  • Trent is looking desperate
  • A-Kid roll up – near fall
  • Seven Stars Lariat but Kid kicks out
  • Burning Hammer but Kid gets foot under the rope. He won’t get closer surely
  • Kid counters a piledriver but Seven hits a massive lariat – Kid kicks out.
  • They trade counters and Seven steals a fall with a roll up and a slight hook of the tights
  • End of Round 6
  • Seven 1 – Kid 1
  • Sudden Death. One fall, no time limit
  • Kid laying in stiff strikes
  • Seven counters a rebound with another huge lariat but can’t follow up
  • They fight on the apron with kicks and both look exhausted
  • Seven with a sickening emerald flowsion from the apron to the arena floor. That looked amazing and painful at the same time
  • Kid was a second away from being counted out. Really tense and heated stuff. Both men deserve all the credit here
  • Seven with a straight jacket choke into the Seven Stars Lariat but he doesn’t cover. He’s angry and grunting
  • Kid reverses burning hammer into superkick and running superkick that beat Seven in Round 3
  • Seven plays possum and rolls into an umaplanta
  • Kid counters into a modified umaplanta. It’s relentless
  • Seven reaches desperately for the rope but Kid yanks back the arm which looks sickening
  • Trent submits
  • A-Kid wins the NXT UK Heritage Cup
  • Seven takes the cup at the end and gives it to A-Kid

Winner: A-Kid

Analysis: This result surprised me a lot. I thought Seven would prevail seeing as he’s gotten very little from his NXT UK career so far, at the very least a heel turn would have been nice. However, the match was very good. It took a while to get going but the final few rounds were excellent and tense and the final few seconds were just pure drama. Marvelous job by both men, and this would have been MOTY contender with a crowd present. NXT UK must capitalise on this now and push A-Kid to the summit. A-Kid vs. Walter for the NXT UK Championship is surely on the cards. Maybe it will be David who slays Goliath after all.

Final analysis: this week’s edition of NXT UK was a very good offering which advanced the feuds of Alexander Wolfe and Joe Coffey, South Wales Subculture and The Hunt and elevated A-Kid to the next level with the win in the NXT UK Heritage Cup. However, it’s now hard to see where the brand go with Trent Seven. Winning the cup would have given him an avenue, but unless a heel turn is incoming or promotion to NXT then I fear he’ll be treading water on the brand for the foreseeable future. A potential Moustache Mountain reunion would be welcome for Seven right now, but with no sign of Tyler Bate then it’s looking very unlikely.