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NXT UK Results – April 22, 2021

NXT UK Results: Moustache Mountain vs Noam Dar & Sha Samuels

Follow NXT UK results live as they unfold from BT Sport Studios, as Moustache Mountain returns to action against Noam Dar and Sha Samuels.

Matches and segments scheduled for tonight’s show include:

  • Joe Coffey vs. Eddie Dennis
  • Dave Mastiff vs. Sam Gradwell
  • Dani Luna vs. Jinny w/ Joseph Conners
  • Moustache Mountain vs. Noam Dar & Sha Samuels

Results from NXT UK Prelude can be found here.

Joe Coffey vs. Eddie Dennis

  • Coffey takes the fight to the outside immediately after the bell.
  • Dennis rejects his opponent’s strike attempts. “This is wrestling, not boxing!”, he shouts.
  • Eddie Dennis grapplers his opponent to the mat, but Coffey slowly breaks free with an assortment of strikes.
  • Dennis catches Coffey’s crossbody attempt and hits a bodyslam.
  • Both men enter a boxing exchange – Coffey comes out on top and hits a belly-to-belly suplex.
  • Coffey goes for his patented springboard crossbody, however Dennis halts his movement and hits a Severn Bridge for a count of two.
  • With Dennis locked in a Boston Crab, Tyson T-Bone and Primate run to ringside to distract Coffey.
  • Wolfgang and Mark Coffey of Gallus run out to even the odds.
  • Joe Coffey picks up the win with a discuss lariat.
  • T-Bone and Primate beat down Coffey right after the bell, but Gallus even the odds once more.

Winner: Joe Coffey via pinfall

  • Gallus celebrate Coffey’s win as they walk to the back.
  • Rampage Brown walks into the scene. Joe Coffey offers himself a rematch against Brown.

Dave Mastiff vs. Sam Gradwell

  • Mastiff backs his opponent against the ropes and taunts him with Gradwell’s own “yoghurt” insult.
  • Gradwell returns the favour, calling Mastiff a “blob”.
  • Mastiff becomes increasingly irritated by Gradwell’s arrogance and hits a devastating lariat, but was too exhausted to capitalise.
  • Sam Gradwell scores the victory with a Samoan Driver.

Winner: Sam Gradwell via pinfall

  • Aoife Valkyrie announces that she goes one-on-one with Meiko Satomura next week.
  • Emilia McKenzie does a short piece to camera where she cites her training with Meiko Satomura as a key part of her success, and claims that her young age is an advantage.

Dani Luna vs. Jinny w/ Joseph Conners

  • Dani Luna uses her strength advantage to take control of Jinny early on.
  • Referee Rich Swift backs Luna up and Jinny hits Luna when her back is turned.
  • Jinny locks in an Octopus Stretch, but Luna powers out.
  • Luna scouts Jinny’s rolling Liger kick and hits two gut-wrench suplexes in succession.
  • Luna has Jinny isolated in the corner, however Joseph Conners distracts her and allows Jinny to pick up the win with a rolling Liger kick.
  • Post-match, Jinny locks in a Crossface whilst Conners taunts Luna. Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster run out to stop the attack.

Winner: Jinny via pinfall

  • Sid Scala informs Amir Jordan that he has a rematch opportunity against Kenny Williams following his loss last week. It will be a no-disqualification match where the loser must leave NXT UK.
  • It is announced that Rohan Raja will make his in-ring debut against Teoman next week.

Moustache Mountain vs. Noam Dar & Sha Samuels

  • Tyler Bate and Noam Dar kick off the match.
  • Noam Dar targets Trent Seven’s right arm to neutralise the Seven Stars lariat.
  • Seven hits a multitude of chops, but is unable to sustain the offence due to his injured arm.
  • Sha Samuels blocks Seven’s attempt at a hot tag and continues to beat him down.
  • Seven finally manages to tag in a fresh Tyler Bate as he suplexes Dar out of the way.
  • Bate unloads on Samuels with a flurry of strikes, but Dar interferes from the apron.
  • With everyone on the outside, Tyler Bate hits a huge dive. Seven slips back into the ring.
  • Moustache Mountain hit an assisted Birminghammer and Tyler Bate pins Sha Samuels for the win.

Winners: Moustache Mountain via pinfall

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