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News Around WWE Efforts For NXT UK Relaunch

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The Coronavirus pandemic brought NXT UK to a halt on April 2 and the near six months it took to get going again were far from easy.

The ‘Speaking Out’ movement has seen the brand lose a few names either permanently or to suspension.

Still, despite an unfounded report that WWE was looking at closing the doors of NXT UK, the future of the brand was never in question.

WWE’s plans

Given what WWE has invested into their UK arm of the company with only their second Performance Center and the show being under their TV deal with BT Sport, it was never an option that was considered.

The WWE used their partnership with BT Sport to get the show back up and running with the first episode commencing on September 17.

Starting in late August, WWE had their NXT UK crew in a three-week bubble around Canary Wharf in London.

WWE are said to have gone to great length to ensure everyone’s safety and many superstars have spoken to us about how the company regularly tested and seemingly learned their lessons from what went wrong in the States.


Commentators Andy Shepherd was in a booth above the BT Studios while Nigel McGuinness did the tapings remotely from Florida.

Shawn Michaels is another man that presided over the tapings from Florida. NXT UK is very much HBK’s ‘baby’ and he had a ‘god voice’ over production whenever he wanted to give feedback and direction.

Pete Dunne was also spotted at the tapings and it’s not been revealed that he will be a special guest to make The Heritage Cup draw next week on NXT UK.

The status of NXT UK TakeOver: Dublin is still unknown, but Triple H has gone on record suggesting that it is all but postponed and they’re just waiting for an official announcement.

It’s expected that if all else fails, WWE will try and run a TakeOver from the BT Sport studios, ideally with a crowd.