NXT UK Results – October 22, 2020

Match graphic for WALTER and Ilja Dragunov's NXT UK title match contract signing.

NXT UK once again emanates from the BT Sport Studios in East London as the Heritage Cup continues tonight.

Already announced for tonight’s show is:

  • Oliver Carter vs. Eddie Dennis
  • Nina Samuels vs. Amale
  • Heritage Cup First Round: Trent Seven vs. Kenny Williams
  • NXT UK Championship contract signing between WALTER and number one contender Ilja Dragunov

Results will be updated live after the show kicks off at 8pm BST/3pm ET.

Eddie Dennis defeated Oliver Carter via pinfall

  • Oliver Carter was accompanied to the ring by his tag team partner, Ashton Smith
  • Dennis ground Carter down early on, with much of the match focusing on Carter’s evasive manoeuvres
  • Eddie Dennis scored the pinfall victory after catching Carter into a Severn Bridge.
  • After the match, Dennis claimed responsibility for Flash Morgan Webster’s attack; citing his own injury as his motive

Analysis: A thoroughly impressive outing from Carter, whose fluid and explosive defensive manoeuvres fed perfectly into Dennis’ offence.

  • NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin is set to return to in-ring action next week
  • Gallus’ Joe Coffey is also set to return after he was suspended in June, but no exact date was set.
  • Next week’s episode of NXT UK will start at 4PM EST/8PM GMT as British Summer Time comes to an end

Nina Samuels defeated Amale via pinfall

  • Samuels picked up the pinfall victory after hitting the ‘Final Act’ rolling neckbreaker
  • Commentary were keen to point out Amale’s strength, which she used to counter Samuels’ offence
  • After the match, Samuels called out Piper Niven in a backstage interview

Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster will confront Eddie Dennis next week

NXT UK Heritage Cup First Round: Trent Seven defeated Kenny Williams

  • Seven scored the first pinfall after hitting a Seven Star Lariat with four seconds left in the third round
  • Williams quickly scored an equalising pinfall as he rolled Seven up early into the fourth round
  • Seven toned up the aggression in the third round by hitting Williams with some very hard-hitting chops
  • Seven used Williams’ momentum to his advantage as he scored the winning pinfall in the fifth round
  • Nigel McGuinness put over the significance of rounds-based matches in the history of British wrestling.

Analysis: Much like last week’s main event, this was another example of a match that benefited from the empty arena setting. Seven’s thunderous chops echoed throughout the building and changed the atmosphere of the match once he started striking.

NXT UK Championship contract signing between WALTER and Ilja Dragunov

  • The reigning champion immediately signed the contract and had no comment to make when asked by assistant general manager Sid Scala
  • After signing on the dotted line, Dragunov stared down WALTER before yelling “Unbesiegbar” (Russian for ‘Invincible’) at the champion
  • WALTER attacked the number one contender immediately, but Dragunov refused to go down without a fight
  • After Dragunov barged WALTER through a barricade, the show faded to black with the Russian holding the NXT UK Championship aloft

All-in-all, this week’s episode delivered on all counts despite its shorter runtime of 50 minutes. Trent Seven and Kenny Williams stole the show with excellent showing that played into their individual strengths.
The mysterious case of Flash Morgan Webster’s attack seems to have been solved with fellow Welshman Eddie Dennis taking responsibility for his actions and giving a logical explanation as to why.
Capped off with a thrilling brawl between WALTER and Ilja Dragunov, their hard-hitting NXT UK Championship encounter next week cannot come soon enough.