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NXT UK Results – November 12, 2020

NXT UK match graphic for Trent Seven vs Dave Mastiff

Follow all of tonight’s NXT UK live results as the show emanates from BT Sport Studios once again, focusing on the Heritage Cup Tournament.

Matches and segments scheduled for tonight’s show include:

  • NXT UK Heritage Cup Semi-Final: Dave Mastiff vs. Trent Seven
  • Xia Brookside vs. Nina Samuels
  • The Hunt (Primate & Wild Boar) vs. Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan
  • Jack Starz vs. the debuting Rampage Brown

Results from last week’s episode of NXT UK can be found here.

Inside The Ropes will keep you updated with the results as the action unfolds live from 8PM GMT.

The Hunt (Primate & Wild Boar) defeated Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan via pinfall

  • Eddie Dennis accompanied The Hunt to the ring, following their alliance two weeks ago.
  • Primate scored the pinfall victory over Amir Jordan after he and Wild Boar connected with double-diving-headbutts from the top rope.

Analysis: This was a solid opening match. Amir Jordan in particular was incredibly slick in his movements, resulting in some great tag team offence between him and Williams. Eddie Dennis’ coaching of The Hunt added an interesting layer to their alliance and further built on the tag team’s animalistic presentation.

Rampage Brown defeated Jack Starz via pinfall

  • Brown put Starz away with a powerbomb dubbed as the ‘Doctor Bomb’
  • Commentary built Brown up as a monster and mentioned his in-ring experience with the likes of Drew McIntyre, Killian Dain and Aleister Black

Analysis: Brown came across great here in his in-ring debut. It never felt like he acknowledged Starz as a real challenge and was somewhat playful in his offence as a result.

Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter backstage segment

  • Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter hijacked Sid Scala’s interview at the Performance Center.
  • Smith, playing an “investigative journalist”, went to question Pretty Deadly’s alliance with Eddie Dennis.
  • Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley were unimpressed with Smith and Carter’s “rudeness” – telling the pair to spend more time training instead of joking about.
  • After the confrontation got somewhat physical, Sid Scala interjected, insisting that the four men settled their differences elsewhere.


Rampage Brown comments on his NXT UK debut

“That’s just me getting started here at NXT UK. The rest of the boys, they just better keep up”, said Brown.

Xia Brookside defeated Nina Samuels via pinfall

  • Xia Brookside utilised her technical prowess early on as she targeted Samuels’ lower body.
  • Samuels broke free of Brookside’s holds before unloading with multiple stomps.
  • Brookside turned the match back in her favour after Samuels’ taunting gave her an opportunity.
  • A difficult landing from a cartwheel seemed to have injured Samuels’ leg. Brookside rolled her up for the win thereafter.
  • As Samuels was being helped to the back by a team of officials, she quickly snapped and attacked Brookside.

Sam Gradwell comments on his loss last week on NXT UK

  • NXT UK producer Jim Smallman asked Gradwell how he reflects on his defeat last week following his two-year absence from the ring.

“What a horribly intrusive question. First off, I don’t recall losing to anyone. Instead of putting me in a wrestling match, you know, a battle of whit and limb – both of which, mine are vastly superior. It was like being in a bloody rave with the entire Coffey family, including the dog”, said Gradwell.

  • Alexander Wolfe heard Gradwell’s comments as he passed by, calling him “a disgrace to the sport” as he made his way into the Performance Center.

NXT UK Heritage Cup Semi-Final: Trent Seven defeated Dave Mastiff (2-1)

  • The first round ended after both men suffered equal damage after colliding with a cross-body.
  • Mastiff winded Seven with a knee to the mid-section at the beginning of the second round, resulting in his advantage.
  • Seven scored the first fall in the second round, rolling up his opponent after a missed leg-drop handed him the advantage (1-0)
  • A huge elbow from Mastiff seemed to have knocked Seven out with mere seconds left of the third round, but he chose to continue with the match.
  • As Seven tried to regain his energy, Mastiff equalised by scoring his first fall in the first minute of the fourth round (1-1).
  • Seven picked Mastiff up from the top rope and connected with the Birminghammer to win the match in the sixth round.
  • Fellow finalist A-Kid stared Seven down after the match before both men shook hands.

Analysis summary: This week’s episode of NXT UK was solid. The Hunt’s alliance with Eddie Dennis adds an interesting layer to Primate and Wild Boar, whilst Pretty Deadly’s issues with Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith continues the theme of character development in the NXT UK tag team division.

Rampage Brown made a statement in his debut and carried himself like a star. Credit must also be given to Jack Starz, whose performances against the likes of WALTER and Ilja Dragunov were equally impressive.

Dave Mastiff and Trent Seven provided us with a different style of main event. Whilst their British heavyweight style might not be to everyone’s taste, it certainly added something unique to the NXT UK Heritage Cup.