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NXT UK Live Results – January 7, 2021

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Results will be updated throughout the show so make sure to check back regularly.

NXT UK emanates once again from the BT Studios in London, England, as Ben Carter makes his long awaited NXT UK debut and Piper Niven battles Jinny in a No.1 Contenders Match to face Kay Lee Ray for the NXT UK Championship.

Live coverage begins at 8pm GMT/3pm EST

Announced For Tonight

  • Supernova Sessions with the debut of Ben Carter
  • Piper Niven vs. Jinny – NXT UK Women’s Championship No.1 Contenders Match

Hi everyone and welcome back to Inside the Ropes live coverage of NXT UK. The first NXT UK of the New Year. We’ve had two weeks of nothing but recap shows so we had a small break, but now we’re back and ready to cover another year of NXT UK (pandemic willing).

NXT UK Women’s Championship No.1 Contender’s Match
Piper Niven vs. Kay Lee Ray

  • Odd choice to start with. This was billed as a main event match after the history between the pair. Makes me wonder what they have planned to finish the show.
  • Referee has to stop Piper going for Jinny during her entrance.
  • Flurry of right hands by Piper to what has to be said, a very smart looking Jinny.
  • Piper Niven fights Jinny into the corner but misses a charge.
  • Niven hits a wicked standing senton which Jinny sells really well.
  • The Scot breaks the count of ten to inflict more punishment and goes back outside after Jinny. They ended up there after Jinny rolled to the outside.
  • Niven tries to stop Jinny getting back in but Jinny pulls her into the post and dodges a charge, Twice now Piper has hit the post. A nice story vehicle here to put the babyface on the back foot.
  • A really lovely octopus stretch by Jinny. She calls it the Iron Octopus but it’s applied really really well. Piper powers out but she has nothing after those post shots.
  • Jinny with the Iron Octopus for a second time.
  • Joseph Conners is out. There’s no audience and still they’re all really bored with him already.
  • Jinny and Piper just slugging it out. Niven with a back suplex and chop to put Jinny down and then that harsh crossbody.
  • Conners pushes Jinny out the way of a rolling senton from the apron and takes the brunt. The referee counts as Jinny works on the back with a ram into the apron.
  • Back inside. Piper catches Jinny coming off the top but Conners grabs her legs and Jinny rolls her up for the win.

Winner: Jinny

Analysis: This was an odd one. There was momentum going in but for the most part it felt like they were on go-slow. This has so much more to give that I can’t help feel this was just a slight disappointment. It’s interesting to see where Conners and Jinny go but this is was the correct result and opens now avenues. Jinny vs. Kay Lee Ray should be great.

Pretty Deadly are backstage and they say Gallus are scared of them. They allude to planning Gallus being annoyed with them.

Aoife Valkyrie vignette. Something about the bird. Do something with her or keep these weird vignettes off of television.

Tyler Bate vignette where he looks back at his match with A-Kid. He states his disappointment with losing and says as long as he’s true to himself then he can liberate himself from any pain any match gives him. This is a very weird direction for Tyler who has come over all spiritual and philosophical. I’m not sure if this character change will work for him, it’s a departure, but at least they’re trying something new with him so he doesn’t stagnate.

We see Sam Gradwell watching the vignette on his phone. He says it’s terrible advice and the only Yogi he respects steals picnic baskets.

Supernova Sessions With Special Guest: Ben Carter

  • Dar begins stating some goals for 2021, these include Cruiserweight and NXT Champion. Ugh. This isn’t good and Dar isn’t funny.
  • He introduces Carter and ‘Ben Carpenter’. Ha.
  • Noam asks him if carpentry runs in the family. Ha. But sarcastically. Carter corrects him and he’s doing very well for someone who has not had this type of exposure before – not talking anyway.
  • Carter says that he wants to face the best NXT UK has and out comes Jordan Devlin, scowling. This could be absolutely massive for Carter if this leads to a match.
  • Devlin asks Dar how he could have Carter on his show over him then praises Carter. Nice promo from Devlin who highlights the importance of the belt.
  • Dar calls him the substitute the Cruiserweight Champion which doesn’t go down well.
  • Carter sides with Jordan Devlin in the argument and calls him the true, legitimate NXT Cruiserweight Champion and he wand wants a shot at the gold.
  • Jordan Devlin accepts and wants it tonight. Ben Carter accepts and this should be a great main event with either a new champion or Carter’s first loss.
  • Sid Scala is out and says he will speak to Johnny Saint (in his basement where he has him chained seemingly) and makes the match tonight.
  • Ben Carter was very good here. Very good. He didn’t struggle on the mic and was believable.

WALTER vs. A-Kid is announced for next week.

Kay Lee Ray is backstage and says Jinny is someone who gets whatever she wants all the time. She says her title is something money can’t buy and the gold belongs to Kay Lee Ray.

We recap the Handicap Match which saw Levi Muir and Jack Starz defeat Saxon Huxley. We see Dave Mastiff come to their rescue.

Dave Mastiff vs. Saxon Huxley

  • I hope this is short. The last thing we need now is to see Huxley defeated Dave Mastiff or take him to the limit. NXT UK need to be building big Dave back to a true threat and not someone who struggles to flatten enhancement talent.
  • Dave Mastiff seems to have forgotten his ring gear. He’s in a plain balck doublet.
  • They trade punches and Mastiff hits a huge knee and running senton.
  • Huxley with a Lou Thesz Press and running elbow drop to gain the advantage.
  • A big boot from Saxon and a facewash in the corner and a flying clothesline from the top rope. If I could use an emoji now, it would be the unimpressed face.
  • Huxley with a really long, uneventful armbar and he works on the arm but Dave hits a backdrop.
  • Huge clothesline by ‘The Bomber’ and belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Yes, you read that right. A near fall.
  • Mastiff with another clothesline and Into the Void for the victory.

Winner: Dave Mastiff

Analysis: YAWN! This was really dull and not a scratch on what the big man can do. There’s no reason we need to see Huxley on NXT UK television. There are plenty more who can fill this spot more ably. This was not very good at all.

A vignette for WALTER vs. A-Kid. They comment on each other’s passion for the business before we see Kid winning the NXT UK Heritage Cup and his victory over Tyler Bate. We recap his challenge of WALTER from the end of 2020 and WALTER says that he’s the one to beat. Indeed he is.

Tyler Bate vs. Sam Gradwell next week.

NXT Cruiserweight Championship
(c) Jordan Devlin vs. Ben Carter

  • This has to be good. This has to be good to save what has been a dud episode thus far.
  • I love how focused Jordan Devlin looks. He’s used his time away to refocus and look even better upon his return.
  • Ben Carter looks equally focused. I don’t think we see a title change here, not with the Devlin/Escobar saga still ongoing and I expect a Noam Dar run-in somewhere.
  • Back and forth both men go here. Carter with flips and rolls to avoid Devlin’s offence. They trade wristlocks which Ben wiggles out of, headlock which takes Devlin to the mat.
  • Devlin hits his slam and standing moonsault.
  • Devlin in control but Carter cuts himself off on a springboard, allows Devlin to miss a dropkick then nails one of his own.
  • Devlin takes him off of the rope and drives him into the steel steps. Rolls him back in and hits a brainbuster for a count of 2.
  • Double crossbody wipes both men out.
  • Devlin slides out, Carter hits a moonsault from the apron into a elbow assisted slop drop on the arena floor.
  • Carter hits a helter skelter for a very near fall. That was tense but could have been tenser if he hadn’t rushed it.
  • Carter misses a corkscrew splash and Devlin with a running Spanish fly which looked cracking.
  • Carter turns Devlin Side into code red for another near fall, what a move.
  • Devlin with the Irish Cloverleaf but Carter won’t give up. My god this is tense. But Carter gets into the ropes and at this point it could go either way, which is a nice change from a predictable ending.
  • Spoke too soon. A thunderous Devlin Side gives Jordan Devlin the victory.
  • Ben Carter lost clean and put up a great fight. He had to lose, but I hope this isn’t Ilja Dragunov syndrome – job him out to others until you have something for him.

Winner: Jordan Devlin

Analysis: A great main event that couldn’t really save a dull show but showed what both men have in the tank. Jordan Devlin should be going all the way to the top in NXT UK should A-Kid not be the one to dethrone WALTER, while Ben Carter is going to be a force to be reckoned with with the right character and storyline. Really good ending to the show.

Final Analysis: NXT UK began the year with a whimper, rather than a bang. They pushed Jinny vs. Piper Niven for almost a month as blood feud after Jinny cost the Scot the NXT UK Women’s Championship and gave us a short, mostly uninteresting match in which neither woman got time to shine. The Joseph Conners addition to Jinny might be interesting – more interesting than seeing him wrestle anyway – but if he’s going to be her cuck then it will get old fast. The one thing we can look forward to here is Kay Lee Ray vs. Jinny down the line but we don’t yet know when that will be.

NXT UK really needs to pick-up next week to keep the good will it’s gained over the last year. No more Saxon Huxley – WE DON’T WANT HIM – and they really need to rush Dave Mastiff into this rivalry with Rampage Brown. They can create magic. But only if given the time and creativity. From this episode, there was very little of either on display through the whole show.

This was very much a one-match episode and that was of course the main event. Jordan Devlin’s open challenge has to lead to Santos Escobar turning up somewhere for a unification match. Whether that’s at the next NXT UK TakeOver in Ireland which is scheduled for June – pandemic willing – or on the next NXT TakeOver which will be held on February 14, Valentines Day. NXT UK have a sparse amount of believable challenger for Devlin right now so getting him and Escobar together before the end of February is crucial.

As for Ben Carter, what a talent. On the mic he was very impressive for his first huge show. Yes he was on AEW but he didn’t get to do much of anything other than wrestle. In the ring, he stunned and amazed and was booked right for his first match, showing heart before succumbing to the champion. NXT UK can’t go the same route with Carter they did with Dragunov when he came in in 2020, namely defeating jobbers and losing to the bigger stars. It’s a path they’re dangerously close to with Rampage Brown but one they have to veer from. To exhibit him, he needs a strong story, a great rival and plenty of television time in order for the WWE audience to endear to him.

Next week we move on to WALTER vs. A-Kid for the NXT UK Championship. Before that though, with Ben Carter, Rampage Brown, A-Kid and others we are finally seeing a new influx of stars in NXT UK that will eventually bleed out the older generation. It’s already happening with the absence of Trent Seven and Tyler Bate feeling just normal instead of the star he should be. It’s going to be very interesting to see how far the new generation go in 2021 and it all starts next week. If A-Kid pulls off the seemingly impossible then the sky is the limit.