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NXT UK Live Results – January 28, 2021

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Results will be updated throughout the show so make sure to check back regularly and refresh the page.

NXT UK emanates once again from the BT Studios in London, England, as The Hunt take on South Wales Subculture, Pretty Deadly and Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter in a Four Team Elimination Match for the right to battle Gallus for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships.

Live coverage begins at 8pm GMT/3pm EST

Announced For Tonight

  • Ben Carter vs. Sam Gradwell
  • She Samuels vs. Josh Terry
  • Kay Lee Ray Wants Answers From The Best in The World
  • Pretty Deadly vs. The Hunt vs. South Wales Subculture vs. Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter – NXT UK Tag Team Championship No.1 Contenders Four Team Elimination Match

You have my apologies for missing last week’s NXT UK live results, I wasn’t well and therefore couldn’t make the show. But we’re back and better than ever and for those who missed the show completely, it was an interesting hour which has the potential to bleed into the rest of the year where storylines are concerned.

Rampage Brown defeated Dave Mastiff in what was a hard-hitting opener but somewhat unspectacular if you like. Though he pinned him clean in the middle of the ring there is more to come from this feud, especially as some are citing Brown as the man to finally dethrone WALTER for the NXT UK Championship.

Another interesting note here was the actions of Kenny Williams. A week or so ago we saw a tearful Williams state that he was currently injured but would continue to stand by the side of partner Amir Jordan in his singles career. Last week, Williams informed Jordan that he had found an opponent for him in the massive Tyson T-Bone while running down his chances of getting beaten badly. Williams sounded so much like a heel here that I am now convinced that NXT UK are slowly turning him, especially what we saw following the actual bout. When Jordan pinned T-Bone, the camera cut to Kenny Williams at ringside who looked annoyed that his partner had not only won but didn’t take a beating at the same time. The Scot visibly feigned happiness for his friend and I can only imagine that he will continue to find bigger opponents for Amir – who Jordan will beat – until Williams attacks him, doing himself what he’s unable to get anyone else to do. After two years of a bland ‘Lucky Yin’, we could finally be seeing him turning into something entertaining. It’s very much needed.

Ilja Dragunov underwent a character change of sorts in his first match since losing to WALTER in October 2020. Though he defeated Jack Starz, the Russian seemed to snap and lose himself, bludgeoning the enhancement talent unconscious. Sat in the middle of the ring after the bout, Dragunov was in a trance until he snapped out of it and didn’t seem to realise what he had done. NXT UK are clearly going down a different route with Ilja, which will either end in him turning heel on Tyler Bate this year or being the to dethrone WALTER after all, with the victory being said to cure him of this unusual character trait.

Finally, something unusual occurred during the NXT UK Women’s Championship Match between Kay Lee Ray and Jinny – which Ray won. Part-way through the encounter, all the screens inside the BT Sports Studios, flickered, went black, and flickered against to show a mysterious face on the plasma before returning to normal. Though no one really got a closer look at the female who appeared for a literal second, social media were keen on it being Aoife Valkyrie which would make sense for Kay Lee Ray’s final tale as champion. Kay Lee Ray vs. Aoife Valkyrie for the gold, with the winged warrior coming out on top is the money feud where the women’s title is concerned as NXT UK have done a pretty poor job for readying anyone else.

With that said, following the NXT UK Women’s Championship Match, Ray conducted a WWE.Com exclusive interview in which she said she wants the best in the world. Many over the last week have orated that this will be Io Shirai, however, we have it on good authority that it MAY be someone that we will potentially get to see tonight. Should these rumours be true, then it will certainly be the end of Kay Lee Ray’s reign but potentially and exciting way forward for the women’s division under a new headline act.

Jordan Devlin kicks off the show tonight, not dressed to compete. I wonder if we’ll get a remote tease for the Escobar feud that never seems to come.

He talks about the open challenge, living his life to a certain standard. He wants the most successful defences and then is interrupted by Trent Seven who’s absence lasted what, two weeks? But yes, this could be absolutely amazing if this is where they’re going even though Trent isn’t 205lb.

Trent praises him and mentions the open challenge. He says Devlin needs a new challenger and Seven needs a challenge himself. He says he’ll trim down, get to under 205lbs. I think this could be a very interesting way to go while they build the Escobar things down the line.

Devlin accepts, pats Seven on the stomach but Trent levels him and stands on the belt. He says he’s coming to his division and he will take his title. This was fast and effective and I can’t wait. What story this could be for both men, especially if this gets a main stage somewhere.

We have a video package for Kay Lee Ray’s title reign and all the defences she has undergone. This includes a snippet from the interview last week.

And what’s this? A video package for Meiko Satomura. Wow. We heard she was on her way earlier today but couldn’t announce it until now. Satomura was the best in the world Kay Lee Raw was talking about and this is going to be amazing. Ray’s reign is done, but what an ending it will be.

Ben Carter vs. Sam Gradwell

  • Sam Gradwell is out with a mic and he congratulates Carter. He says that he’s wearing P.E shorts and mocks Jersey. I can see what they’re trying to do with Gradwell again, but honestly, he screams lower card.
  • Gradwell overpowers Carter with shoves and applies an arm-lock to begin. He’s grounded him pretty well here and a nice leg-to-throat take down by Sam.
  • They’re portraying Sam as the stalwart here here but Carter with a couple of lovely dropkicks to stagger him.
  • Gradwell sends Ben into the corner, he flips out and a 2nd rope dropkick. I don’t think there’s any doubt about the result.
  • Sam has the advantage again, working over the neck with stomps, but its a feeble near fall.
  • Gradwell with a really sloppy slam.
  • Carter with a kip-up off the slingshot, dodges Sam but gets caught with a hard elbow to the face.
  • Gradwell is really taking his time which is unusual to see these days. It’s flippy meets orthodox and though there’s nothing major here to see, it’s not half bad.
  • Gradwell with a rear chinlock to ground Ben but Carter with a jaw breaker to break and several chops.
  • Flying forearms by Carter and a swinging enziguri.
  • Suicide dive by Carter and small grin. And a second suicide senton which looked amazing to be fair even though dives are two-a-penny in the modern day.
  • Sam catches Ben on a slingshot crossbody but Carter turns it into a guillotine choke.
  • Gradwell with a STO flatliner for a near fall.
  • Ben Carter with a moonsault slop drop and frog splash for the victory.

Winner: Ben Carter

Analysis: This was a good opener that followed an exciting announcement. Was it classic? No. But it was good enough to get Carter rolling and even Gradwell looked really good. Let’s build on this now and make him a true star.

Sha Samuels vs. Josh Morrell

  • Sha gets a proper entrance this time with some nice music. And he has his trademark scarf as well. This is the Samuels we know and love. God I really hope they do something with him and don’t just plunge him into nothingness.
  • Sha backs him into the corner and backs away but applies a headlock.
  • Morrell reverses a rear chinlock and turns it into an armbar.
  • They’re trading armbars now and a huge slam by Sha.
  • Huge clothesline by Sha and Josh is annoying him now. Sha pounds away with huge right hands and a knee to the gut.
  • Huge backdrop by Sha and now he’s using him as a rag-doll as he should. Josh is great but nothing more than enhancement and shouldn’t give Sha too much of a problem.
  • Samuels dives onto the back and as we say in England, mugs him off.
  • Josh moves from a corner crossbody and a heel kick to knock Sha down. He fights with chops and a dropkick, a lovely inverted dropkick and corkscrew senton but Sha kicks out.
  • Hip-toss by Morrell but he misses a crossbody and Sha with a huge lariat.
  • Sha with a massive spinebuster and Cobra Clutch for the win.

Winner: Sha Samuels

Analysis: This was fine. Nothing special but then it didn’t need to be. It needed to get Sha over and now the only way is up. I know he won’t be, but I hope Sha is the man to dethrone WALTER

Ilja Dragunov is working out in the PC. He’s asked what happened last week and says he lost it completely. He’s interrupted by Sam Gradwell who calls him a loose cannon. He seems to lose the plot before walking away.

Rampage Brown is interviewed but Gallus walk by and he says that Joe Coffey needs a challenge.

Nina Samuels vs. Xia Brookside is announced for next week.

Jordan Devlin will hold an open challenge next week.

Fatal 4-Way Elimination Tag Team Match
No.1 Contenders Match For The NXT UK Tag Team Championships
Pretty Deadly vs. South Wales Subculture vs. Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith vs. The Hunt.

  • Main event time and this is going to be a long one. Because there are so many involved, this is going to be a mish-mash.
  • Mark Andrews and Ashton Smith to start after the heels tag out.
  • Some really nice back and forth reversals by Andrews and Smith. Tag to Webster who hits an assisted sunset flip for a near fall.
  • Pretty Deadly tag in from behind but then back out when they lose the advantage.
  • Smith and Carter dominate Andrews but he tags Lewis Howley of Pretty Deadly. He looks to tag out straight away but no one wants it.
  • Smith with a clothesline on Howley but Lewis shoves Smith into the corner and Primate tags in. Sam Stoker holding onto his partner and a double German suplex by The Hunt.
  • Hunt and SWS brawl but now it’s gone to the dogs. It’s a brawl I can’t keep track of.
  • Primate and Smith look to be the legal men. Primate with a big back-body drop and tag to Boar.
  • This is starting to slow now. Carter and Smith have to be the first eliminated. They mean nothing to the tag division right now leaving the rivals in SWS and Hunt and the favourites in Pretty Deadly.
  • Boar hitting Smith with crawling headbutts.
  • Webster in with dropkicks and a lovely rude boy block on Howley.
  • Andrews stops a double suplex and they hit stereo dropkicks and a double stage-dive.
  • Andrews counters Stoker with an elbow but both men are up top. Smith tags Stoker and he hits a tower of doom suplex on both men.
  • Howley in, he beats on Smith and knocks Webster from the apron. But Smith has him on the apron. A suplex attempt and Carter uses his back for a springboard to the outside. That was lovely.
  • Smith with a near fall with a falcon arrow but Stoker pulls him out on a very near fall.
  • This is everywhere but exciting, kicks, clotheslines, moonsaults, this is crazy now.
  • Smith back in with Primate but Primate with an exploder suplex, tag to Boar and a Boar cannonball into the corner. Primate back in but SWS stop the finisher and Carter with a springboard bulldog to eliminate The Hunt.
  • Wrong decision. How can you treat a team like that that you’ve built for weeks? It makes no sense. Yes it came via help from Andrews and Webster but still…
  • Pretty Deadly and Smith going at it. Smith with a gutwrench suplex and hoists him up but Stoker reverses. Howlet tries a cheap shot but is caught and a series of roll-ups.
  • Carter in and an assisted moonsault for a very near fall. Pretty Deadly look like a million dollars here.
  • Andrews tagged in against Carter. Smith and Carter eliminated with a running knee/poison-rana combo which looked amazing and I can only imagine Hunt coming back to cost Andrews and Webster now.
  • Sam Stoker now isolating Webster in the corner but he fights back, avoiding everything and tags Andrews.
  • He’s a fireball, double moonsault kick to both men and a lovely springboard roll through stomp.
  • Andrews with a lovely hurricanrana for a near fall but Stoker comes to the rescue.
  • Pretty Deadly catch the knee The Hunt injured last year with a lovely double team move through the ropes. Stoker with an airplane spin into a single Boston crab which looks wonderful.
  • Andrews is selling like his life depends on it and a figure four by Stoker.
  • Webster hits a hurricanrana on Howley into Stoker to break the move. Very clever.
  • Stundog to Stoker and Webster with the senton dive for the near fall. This time Howley to the rescue.
  • Andrews with a springboard hurricanrana to Howley on the outside and Pretty Deadly collide outside.
  • Flash with another senton to both men from the top and Eddie Dennis hits Andrews with a chair in the knee behind the referee’s back.
  • Webster is pulled off of the apron. Andrews is done. Stick a fork in him. And Pretty Deadly with their Spilt Milk Hart Attack Neckbreaker for the victory.

Winners: Pretty Deadly

Analysis: This match started out slowly and had some really weird moments in it like The Hunt being dispatched first, but it really picked up in the middle and towards the end continuing the story of Eddie Dennis’ war against Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster. The right men won in the end and I’m confident that Pretty Deadly will be the next NXT UK Tag Team Champions.

Final Analysis: Another week of NXT UK comes and goes but it’s getting better and better by the week. We began the year with a really drab episode saved only by its main event and the week after wasn’t much better. Last week was an improvement and this week was a massive step up in both in-ring action and storyline advancement.

With the announcement of Meiko Satomura coming in the near future – when the travel ban lifts from Japan to the United Kingdom – it clearly spells the end of Kay Lee Ray’s reign as NXT UK Women’s Champion. But this should not be done on a whim or on television. NXT UK need to save this for the next UK TakeOver and build it slowly otherwise they’re going to blow their load too soon and have very little else to replace it with.

Trent Seven confronting Jordan Devlin opens up some interesting avenues now. While the overall plan is for Devlin vs. Escobar to crown the undisputed NXT Cruiserweight Champion – with Devlin presumably losing and re-crowning the title the NXT UK Cruiserweight Championship – it will be very interesting to see how Trent slims down or even if he can to match to the weight-limit. Again, Trent Seven vs. Jordan Devlin is a marquee match in NXT UK that has TakeOver written all over it.

As for the matches on this weeks show, Ben Carter and Sha Samuels were the big winners on the undercard. It’s too early to say where either man is going right now, but Samuels is an upper-mid card talent and one would assume he will take aim at the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship by year’s end, while Ben Carter may be a strong candidate for NXT UK Champion to take-over from whoever defeats WALTER – likely to be Ilja Dragunov thanks to the renewed interest and change of character.

The main event set the scene for Gallus vs. Pretty Deadly down the line and while NXT UK will want to get the belts on Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley as soon as possible, this is yet another match that needs a bigger stage to give Pretty Deadly the best start as champions as possible. The only gripe I have with tonight’s main event is The Hunt. NXT UK have spent almost a year building them up and revealing them as the attackers of Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster and then they just job them out – and it was a job – to Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter while trying to make it look like SWS cost them the fall. This is really isn’t good enough. The Hunt should have been eliminated second to last in a bigger angle with Andrews and Webster. However, we are continuing this story now thanks to Eddie Dennis costing his former friend’s the match with a chair shot to the knee.

What was glaring from tonight’s episode was that even though NXT UK can’t hold a TakeOver in the UK right now thanks to a national lockdown and COVID-19, they do need a massive television spectacle in order to blow off some of these feuds. Television time isn’t going to do title changes justice anymore, thanks to every champion having held their gold since 2019. If anything it would feel like a massive comedown. If the company can work out a TakeOver or a huge television special before March then the line-up would look something like:

  • WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov – NXT UK Championship Match
  • Kay Lee Ray vs. Meiko Satomura – NXT UK Women’s Championship
  • Gallus vs. Pretty Deadly – NXT UK Tag Team Championships
  • Jordan Devlin vs. Trent Seven – NXT Cruiserweight Championship
  • South Wales Subculture vs. The Hunt

That isn’t a bad card at all, especially when you add in the possibility of A-Kid vs. Tyler Bate II. Wherever this goes now, the future of NXT UK has arrived. Let’s hope the company do the right thing and place it on a pedestal.