NXT UK Live Results – January 14, 2021

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NXT UK emanates once again from the BT Studios in London, England, as WALTER defends his NXT UK Championship against NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion, A-Kid.

Live coverage begins at 8pm GMT/3pm EST

Announced For Tonight

  • Kay Lee Ray and Jinny Face-To Face
  • (c) WALTER vs. A-Kid – NXT UK Championship Match

Welcome back once again ladies and gentlemen to Inside the Ropes live coverage of NXT UK – even though the show has already been pre-taped. But you get what I mean.

Tonight, we will witness Kay Lee Ray and Jinny go face-to-face for the first time since ‘The Fashionista’ defeated Piper Niven last week to become number one contender to the NXT UK Women’s Championship. Fingers crossed we’ll get some type of explanation as to the relationship between Jinny and Joseph Connors as well as the face turn of Kay Lee Ray. Though she’s a killer heel, I’m not too convinced that heel vs. heel is going to work when it comes to the actual match which we will see in the next few weeks with no NXT UK TakeOver in sight.

And of course we have our main event of the evening, WALTER vs. A-Kid for the NXT UK Championship. I’m torn on this. Going in, WALTER’s reign stands at 650 days, 35 days short of Pete Dunne’s historic reign which will surely be broken if the Austrian wins tonight. But as everything stands, every champion on the brand currently has a reign that began in 2019. Now, as much as long reigns help to legitimise a strap, things can become stale so the question remains whether it’s WALTER’s reign that topples first and if it does, where does he go from here?

Personally, I don’t think A-Kid is the man to end the streak of WALTER when there’s so much more left to do with the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship, but anything can happen in NXT, even Saxon Huxley getting a minor push (fingers crossed that’s over now).

We open with a video package of A-Kid winning the NXT UK Heritage Cup, the Spaniard beating Tyler Bate and then challenging WALTER. Basically, this is the same package we got last week with the same comments from both men.

Ed Harvey vs. Joe Coffey

  • Ed Harvey is Sha Samuels, who they’ve renamed for some reason. Which is odd since they’ve filed for a trademark for the Sha Samuels name this week.
  • Harvey looks really good but misses an elbow drop. Coffey hits a lovely reverse buckle assisted hurricanrana.
  • Harvey gets on the mic and says he’s Sha Samuels.
  • Samuels with a huge elbow drop and they’re now calling him Samuels.
  • Sha goes to the arm but Jo fights back with stiff forearms.
  • Coffey connects with a lovely roll-up but Sha kicks out and a hard kick to the back of Joe.
  • Sha looks really good here. This is how to get a new talent over as he grounds Joe with a rear chin lock.
  • Backdrop by ‘The Iron King’ and Sha is in trouble, but Joe looks like he’s struggling.
  • Huge shoulderblock by Joe and near fall.
  • Hard punches, uppercuts, this is relentless.
  • Samuels catches Joe on the springboard crossbody and a driver for a near fall.
  • Sleeper by Samuels but Joe counters a corner charge and hits the springboard crossbody.
  • Glasgow Send-off and All the Best For The Bells for the victory.

Winner: Joe Coffey

Analysis: This was a really good opener and a great introduction for Sha Samuels who looked great. I hope we see more of this from Samuels who can be a star on this brand.

Sid Scala is in his office and he has some news regarding the doubles division. Pretty Deadly enter and Scala says they get Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith, The Hunt, South Wales Subculture with the winners getting Gallus for the titles. That’s in two weeks time.

Rampage Brown is lifting weights in the UK PC and Mastiff almost steals his spot. Dave tells him that he needs a real challenge and this is what ‘The Bomber’ needs. He needs Brown and Brown needs him.

Tyler Bate vs. Sam Gradwell

  • I don’t expect this to be much competition for Tyler Bate. At least it shouldn’t be. Sam Gradwell is very much still at the very bottom of the ladder four years after he first stepped onto the brand.
  • Gradwell works over Tyler’s arm to begin the bout, but Bate is slithering everywhere and is hard to hold onto.
  • Bate flips Sam to escape and they’re back to fighting stance.
  • Bate into the corner, kicks Gradwell and they exchange arm drags with Tyler in control.
  • Sam tires to counter, into the corner but Bate with another arm-drag.
  • You can see what they’re trying to do with Gradwell, he’s looking more fearsome and determined but he needs more to be taken seriously.
  • Bate on the backhand. Gradwell is pounding away on him hard with kicks and a double-underhook suplex.
  • Nerve hold by Gradwell. It’s shocking how well Sam is doing here.
  • Sam is taunting Bate now but Tyler back with a leg kick and he’s selling the effect of the leg.
  • Sunset flip by Bate, bop and bang and hard shots to the gut.
  • Bate with a corner charge, catches Gradwell on the receipt and a deadlift exploder and standing inverted moonsault. That looked amazing.
  • Tyler Driver countered but Tyler lands on his feet and Gradwell with a standing STO.
  • Kappa kick and Tyler Driver for the win.

Winner: Tyler Bate

Analysis: I mean this was what it was. It got Bate back on track after losing to A-Kid but it wasn’t much more than that. Gradwell looked more fearsome but predictable and as you’d expect.

Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter in the PC. Sid Scala gives them the news about the four way tag team bout in two weeks.

Ilja Dragunov and Jack Starz in the PC. He talks about the match with WALTER and says he needs to start from the beginning. Ilja says that Starz is the gatekeeper and he wants to start with him. From WALTER to Jack Starz.

Kay Lee Ray And Jinny Face-To-Face

  • Jinny enters with Joseph Conners and as long as he stays out the ring then we can all be fine with this partnership, though I’m sure this will end in an Intergender Tag Team Match.
  • Jinny says last week she beat Piper Niven and now the new number one contender.
  • She says she’s a woman of wealth and with money comes power, which is why she hired Joseph Connors and we’re getting the title match next week which brings out Kay Lee Ray.
  • Ray looks determined.
  • Ray say’s Jinny is funny and says she’s the champion because she’s beaten everyone that has gone in front of her.
  • Jinny says Ray isn’t championship material and Ry dares her to get close and says there’s not enough money in the world to fix her face when she’s done with it.
  • Jinny reminds her that she helped her against Niven and next week ‘The Queen’ will reign.

Eddie Dennis and The Hunt vignette, they’re behind a chain link fence. Dennis talks about the four way elimination tag bout in two weeks and says they will survive and thrive in chaos.

NXT UK Championship Match
(c) WALTER vs. A-Kid

  • Here we go. I have genuine concerns here about what happens if WALTER loses and if A-Kid wins.
  • WALTER looks fearsome and ready as he walks to the ring. WALTER has won me over as champion.
  • It doesn’t feel as big as WALTER vs. Dragunov, I won’t lie, but there is a feeling about this that something is coming.
  • WALTER stalks A-Kid to begin but Kid stings the legs with kicks. This really is going to be a David vs. Goliath story.
  • Kid tries for a triangle choke but WALTER turns it into a leg vice as they feel each other out.
  • Kid dodges WALTER in the corner and annoys him with a chest kick. WALTER is mad and goes after the challenger.
  • WALTER grounds A-Kid with a headlock, but Kid breaks away with a head vice with the legs.
  • This has a weird feeling to it.
  • WALTER and Kid contest a nice power bridge series.
  • WALTER tries a huge top rope slap and KID turns it into a arm-bar over the top rope. WALTER breaks out immediately to stop damage.
  • Kid with a Boston crab but WALTER won’t play ball and kicks him off. Kid catches WALTER with boot in the corner, but a huge slap by WALTER to take him down.
  • WALTER turns Kid inside out with another chop and a painful Boston crab which he transitions into a STF crossface. Kid is in trouble now.
  • The power of WALTER is showing now. Kid looks like a corpse he’s just playing with, standing on his face and breaking him with slams.
  • Spoke too soon, Kid back to the legs, punches, but WALTER with a vicious neck crank. Don’t count Kid out though, we’ve seen him come back from here before.
  • Chops by Kid. WALTER rams him into the buckle and another chop. His chest is red raw already.
  • Kid with a dragon screw through the second rope and dropkick to the leg. Springboard dropkick to the leg to take WALTER down and Kid with a fujiwara arm-bar. WALTER breaks out but his leg is in trouble now.
  • WALTER rises like a monster and Gorija clutch but KID rolls out and running front dropkick by WALTER. Powerbomb, bridge, but Kid kicks out. I can’t take this drama!!!!
  • On a side note we need to stop people kicking out of the powerbomb, it’s diminishing the move greatly.
  • Internet went out, apologies.
  • WALTER with a powerbomb on the apron and Gorija clutch.
  • Kid with a back kick but WALTER connects with a lariat and a second for the victory.

Winner: WALTER

Analysis: A great main event worked around the size and power difference. WALTER looked to be in trouble for a short time and Kid gave it his all. A really strong match and now WALTER will break Pete Dunne’s reign and go on to become the longest reigning NXT UK Champion in history. Well earned.

Final Analysis: NXT UK this week was heads and tails above NXT UK from last week. The opening bout was really strong and introduced Sha Samuels to the WWE Universe in the best possible way, they company built to the NXT UK Women’s Championship Match really well for next week and Tyler Bate vs. Sam Gradwell was fine but it’s hard to see where Tyler goes from here.

However, once again the main event carried the show. WALTER is the star of this brand without a doubt and now we look to see who will dethrone him in the distant future. All eyes right now turn to Finn Balor who will surely challenge WALTER at TakeOver: Dublin when it occurs in a Champion vs. Champion bout (if he doesn’t lose the bout to Pete Dunne first).

As for A-Kid, he will continue to validate the NXT UK Heritage Cup just underneath the main event with the company looking for a new challenger in hopefully either Tyler Bate or a heel Trent Seven which would be the perfect re-introduction for him should Bate capture the trophy he never managed to.