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NXT UK Live Results – February 4, 2021

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NXT UK emanates once again from the BT Studios in London, England, as Ilja Dragunov steps back into the ring for the first time since his shocking transformation against Jack Starz several weeks ago.

Live coverage begins at 8pm GMT/3pm EST

Announced For Tonight

  • Ilja Dragunov vs. Tyson T-Bone
  • Xia Brookside vs. Nina Samuels
  • Jordan Devlin NXT Cruiserweight Championship Open Challenge
  • Joe Coffey in action
  • Joseph Conners in action

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages to the weekly Inside the Ropes live coverage of NXT UK. This week we come fresh off of the back of the last episode of January which helped to change to game for what was to come this year.

Not only did we witness the announcement of the arrival of Meiko Satomura who will be immediately inserted into the NXT UK Women’s Championship picture against Kay Lee Ray, but we crowned new number one contenders to the NXT UK Tag Team Championships in Pretty Deadly. Also last week, Trent Seven made his return to the brand – though he didn’t actually go anywhere – to challenge Jordan Devlin for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship, stating that he will slim down to 205lbs and meet him in the ring.

An interesting note on the Cruiserweight Championship picture. On the February 3 edition of NXT, Santos Escobar was challenged by Karrion Kross in a similar scenario to the Seven/Devlin segment. WWE are now pitting both of their Cruiserweight Champions against bigger competition and while I don’t expect them to put Escobar over Kross, I do expect them to put Devlin over Seven when they eventually meet. That would give ‘The Irish Ace’ a huge advantage in storyline terms for when the pair do meet that he managed to slay a heavier star than Escobar. The reason WWE is keeping the pair apart is no longer travel restrictions as they have flown several British stars out and WALTER will be the next, but I believe it’s because they’re planning for this match for NXT UK TakeOver: Dublin and no one really knows when that’s going to be because of the pandemic situation here in the UK. We have a tentative date of June 20 but that could moved again depending on where the country is with vaccinations. Though nothing has been conformed and its doubtful they’re moving Devlin to NXT this year when NXT UK need him more than ever, I would think that Jordan will lose to Escobar and then re-crown the title the NXT UK Cruiserweight Championship in order to keep the strap on the brand.

A note on WALTER. He is going to NXT but not permanently. There are no details yet on when he’ll appear on the black and gold brand but again I would think that it will be after NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day to begin some type of build with either Pete Dunne or Finn Balor so the company can set-up NXT Champion vs. NXT UK Champion for TakeOver: Dublin when it occurs. The plan in 2020, when the event was initially due to occur, was WALTER vs. Balor hence the reason they brought the latter in for their final set of tapings prior to the extended break in recording. Because this looks to be the plan – but all plans can change – then WALTER I would assume that the Austrian will not only surpass, but smash Pete Dunne’s reign as NXT UK/WWE United Champion. He will equal that record on February 18, 2021.

Xia Brookside vs. Nina Samuels

  • Xia Brookside looks as great as ever here, fingers crossed she gets something here because they haven’t treated her at all well when they desperately need to make new female stars in this division. Right now, anyone under Kay Lee Ray, which is everyone, feels stuck.
  • They begin with some trash talking by Nina who tells Xia she should be carrying her bags and Xia mounts her with punched.
  • Brookside with a side headlock but Nina counters a take over and sends her into the corner.
  • Xia has Nina from behind and trips her face first. Sunset flip for two.
  • Samuels with a reverse suplex which looked tight and now the heel has the advantage with kicks in the corner.
  • Xia kicked her hard there right below the belt but Samuels works the leg with a step-over leg vice before going to a rear chon lock.
  • Nina again with the trash talking about bag carrying before delivering some hard shoulders into the mid-section.
  • Samuels tries a fireman’s carry, Xia drops down and hard strikes and tilt-a-whirl head scissors.
  • Xia with Broken Wings reverse meteora into the corner.
  • They’re outside, an apron assisted hurricanrana from Xia but she misses a charge and Nina sends her back in.
  • Nina throws a case at her and clocks her with a loaded purse behind the referee’s back for the win.

Winner: Nina Samuels

Analysis: I mean this was fine and did a job but what I’m more worried about here is Xia Brookside. She had everything to gain from winning this match but again, just like Isla Dawn, she’s back at square one down the ladder. It’s not right. I like Nina Samuels but she’s not yet the future of the division when Xia could have been, especially after that 2019 run she had that looked promising. I really don’t know where she goes from here because she’s being absolutely wasted in this role.

Sid Scala is questioned about the NXT UK Tag Team Championship Match but is interrupted by Jordan Devlin who wants to know who his opponent is. Scala doesn’t have one yet but he’s working on it.

Jack Starz is backstage and says he’s on a roll when Scala interrupts. The door closes as they talk about a championship match. I’m not sure where they’re going with this but Sid looks quite inept this week.

Joseph Conners vs. Josh Morrell

  • Joseph Conners has the same effect on me that Saxon Huxley has. Some praise him, I think he’s pointless and completely dull in the ring. This week he looks like he’s come from the 1960’s.
  • A lock-up to begin and the pair tussle with reversals with Conners getting the upper-hand. But they break and go back to the lock-up.
  • Headlock by Joseph and into a front face lock. Morrell twirls out and nails a huge dropkick to send him to the outside where Jinny gives him a pep-talk.
  • Take over by Conners into a wristlock. But against Josh flips out but is pulled down by the hair.
  • Conners with hard shots to the back and a crucifix pin for nothing at all. And a rear chin lock which is as exciting as the man himself.
  • Conners catches Morrell coming off of the ropes with a gut shot and forearms to the chest.
  • A comeback for Morrell with flying forearms, a back flip and huge hip-toss for a near fall.
  • Morrell flips in mid-air from the top as Conners ducks, but Conners with a nice leg transition takedown into a DDT.
  • Conners with a straight jacket neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Joseph Conners

Analysis: Filler, just like everything Joseph Conners does. They’ve pushed him, changed his character numerous times in 4 years and still he’s not more interesting. This experiment has failed and hopefully Jinny makes him more interesting or his days are surely numbered.

Sha Samuels vignette and he shouts at the camera about being a butcher, how his family were butchers and then the vignette turns to his history on the indie scene. This is really good and he talks like a star. He says his journey and quest starts now and I hope they go with him to the top. I know they probably won’t but this is a new NXT UK so fingers crossed.

Xia Brookside wants a rematch with Nina Samuels. There’s no fire or fight about her. It’s as if she’s reciting lines. She’s just been cheated, show something.

Ilja Dragunov vs. Tyson T-Bone

  • We get a small T-Bone promo in split screen before the match and Tyson has improved his verbal.
  • Tyson goes right Ilja and downs the Russian who is selling for the enhancement talent.
  • Dragunov block a slam and goes to the arm and then a huge slap to the chest before downing him with a front face-lock.
  • Dragunov rolls him around the ring with the hold on but Sam Gradwell is out to trash talk Ilja.
  • This has been a host of holds so far with Ilja trying to take Tyson down but he can’t manage it. It’s all playing into this new character.
  • T-Bone with an xploder suplex and a fall away slam which has really taken it out of Ilja. Gradwell shouts about letting his family down from ringside.
  • Tyson tries a full nelson which is broken by a throw. Tyson with a big boot to the jaw, but Ilja with a jumping enziguri.
  • Tyson catches him running into the corner and hits a back suplex. Gradwell is grating now.
  • Ilja with a matrix bridge, enziguri and tries a deadlift German but Tyson with a half-nelson suplex that sends Ilja outside.
  • Tyson with a chop to the back but Ilja snaps again, his eyes are crazy and he’s going to town on Tyson with punches and kicks to the head.
  • They collide in mid-air which was sloppy and Ilja locks him into a clutch and bludgeons him with elbows as the referee calls for the bell.
  • Ilja attacks Sam Gradwell and sends him running as officials come out to try and restrain him.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov

Analysis: I didn’t enjoy this at all. It was slow and sloppy in places but served its purpose to build the character of Dragunov who is effected after the WALTER loss. I am fascinated to see where this character goes, but they can’t be putting him in ten minute matches with enhancement talent. He needs to be ruthless and get it done in minutes.

We have a Meiko Satomura vignette in which stars talk about how legendary she is. And she is. And she arrives in NXT UK next week. Someone hide Xia Brookside from creative please.

Sid Scala is still trying to find Jordan Devlin’s opponent backstage. He’s having a very rough night.

Joe Coffey vs. Danny Jones

  • We’ve seen Danny Jones before in NXT UK but it’s nice to see him back.
  • Coffey rushes him with a test of strength and Jones slaps him hard as Joe goes to the body with hard shots.
  • Coffey with a huge shoulderblock and sidewalk slam. Start the car.
  • Joe goes to the gut and Jones looks done already and Coffey trashes him verbally telling him Gallus boys are always on top.
  • Jones fights back with upper cuts and a jumping knee but Joe with a huge belly-to-belly.
  • Jones counters a lariat into a backslide attempt, short sleeper and enziguri. Jones on his back with another sleeper.
  • Joe with the Glasgow send-off and All the Best for The Bells for the win.
  • Coffey on the mic and says he Rampage Brown got the cogs turning and a lot of other things. He says he’s the last man standing but here comes Brown looking game for a fight.
  • Brown says anytime anywhere and the fight is on.

Winner: Joe Coffey

Analysis: Short, sweet and this is how a squash match should be done. Jones got some in but not too much and Coffey goes on to whatever they have for him next, which is Rampage Brown. I’m excited for this, but I wish they wouldn’t rush these feuds especially with no TV special or TakeOver on the horizon.

We get a video package looking back at the main event last week which crowned Pretty Deadly as number one contenders to the NXT UK Tag Team Championships. Both Pretty Deadly and Gallus speak about the upcoming match and it’s the usual you’d expect. This is built for new champions and I will be sorely disappointed if they waste the chance to cement a new team.

We get a recap of The Hunt vs. South Wales Subculture rivalry with everything that has happened so far. Including the attacks, the match seven weeks ago and Eddie Dennis costing Andrews and Webster last week. Next week they will fight in a Street Fight. Too soon, too rushed.

Noam Dar Supernova Sessions with Sha Samuels next week.

NXT Cruiserweight Championship
Open Challenge Match
(c) Jordan Devlin vs. Dave Mastiff

  • This isn’t going to last long, there’s less then 10 minutes left on the episode.
  • Devlin on the mic and really messes up Scala’s name which was funny. It didn’t sound intended either. He says Scala has failed to find his opponent and out comes Dave Mastiff. Slightly over 205lbs but here we go with the story of the cruiserweight champions fighting bigger men to one-up themselves.
  • Devlin says Dave wouldn’t be welcome on 305 Live. That was amazing.
  • Mastiff doesn’t want a title shot, he just wants a fight.
  • Devlin skips around the ring to avoid Dave and applies a wristlock. But Dave reverses it into his own and takes Jordan to the mat. Nice series of reversals.
  • Mastiff cartwheels out of the way and hits a standing senton onto Jordan. That was really nice by Mastiff who applies a rear chinlock. But Jordan with a jawbreaker and chops.
  • Mastiff with a German suplex and a series of pinfalls to Devlin which get him nowhere.
  • Devlin counters another German suplex, but gets hit in the back and lands on his feet at another German attempt.
  • Devlin can’t hit the rock bottom but goes to the back of the knee which is clever. Dismantle him from the bottom upwards as he stomps and drops onto the knee.
  • Again with the chocblock to the back and Devlin uses the ropes to come down hard on the knee of Mastiff. I love the technical Jordan Devlin. There’s a whole different side to him that we don’t always see.
  • Jordan puts Mastiff on the top rope, somehow. Tries to pull him off for the Devlin Side but Dave with a flying shoulderblock from the buckles.
  • Nice backdrop by Dave and Devlin begs him off but Mastiff hurls him into the corner like a bag of sugar. Splash into the corner and he whips Jordan into the opposite corner but he flies over the buckles and hits hard on the barrier. That was perfect.
  • Devlin runs away around the ring, rolls in, but Dave catches a stomp. Devlin is backflipped onto his face.
  • Devlin on his shoulders, and sends Dave over the top to the outside where he’s struggling to get up.
  • Devlin tries a slingshot crossbody but he’s caught and a Mastiff Finlay roll onto the arena floor but Dave is holding his neck as both men fight the referee’s count.
  • Mastiff is back in but Dave goes back out and misses a cannonball straight through the barrier. We can see where this is going.
  • Devlin is slowly getting up but Dave rises behind him, headbutts him and they just get back in with a second to spare.
  • Dave goes up top and hits a flying headbutt for a very near fall. This is great stuff. A great David vs. Goliath Match.
  • Devlin on Mastiff’s shoulders, he holds the ropes, dropkicks the knee to send Dave into the buckles and slingshot cutter.
  • Devlin with a sumptuous 450 Splash from the top for the win.

Winner: Jordan Devlin

Analysis: That was a great main event and the pair told a story even though there wasn’t really one to be told between both men. Dave Mastiff suffers another loss but this time it did him no harm. Devlin looks indomitable at the top of his mountain and now the ball passes to Santos Escobar on NXT. Jordan Devlin vs. Trent Seven is going to be match of the year without a doubt.

Final Analysis: Frustrating, that’s what I’d call this week’s episode of NXT UK. It was really good towards the end and the booking was top notch with that main event match, but then lower down the card we have the frustrating handling of Xia Brookside. I’ve been a wrestling fan for three decades now and I know they’re doing this to tell a story, but I think this is the wrong way to go about it.

What NXT UK have done with Xia Brookside is hand her another loss just to extend this rivalry beyond its shelf-life. This could have easily been accomplished with weeks worth of promos, vignettes and Nina Samuels dodging her rival for fear of what would happen should they tangle. It would then have reached a point where Brookside demanded a match with her after a vicious attack to end this storyline. Xia Brookside needs something bigger and better and something that harks back to her run from the 2019 Download Festival which was just forgotten about after they left the venue. This isn’t going to get her into a championship picture and I fear with Satomura arriving next week she’s going to be all but forgotten about.

However, away from that, it was a decent watch with the only other real gripe coming about the rapidity of storylines. There’s no TV special on the horizon, no one knows when the next TakeOver will be yet there’s a feeling that NXT UK are rushing their bigger stars into tales that will end before they reach a grander stage. Joe Coffey is a prime example. He will now enter a rivalry with Rampage Brown which will peak before we hit the next NXT UK TakeOver. Look at the NXT UK roster, who does Joe Coffey feud with after Brown? The options currently are very few and far between and while the victory will do Rampage the world of good, you have to take into account what it will do to Joe. He’s not a jobber, but he’s of a standing where he has to be kept in and around the big names. Big names which NXT UK are starting to run out of without repeating themselves.

Next week we get the debut of Meiko Satomura, let’s hope they don’t rush the Kay Lee Ray feud into happening before the middle of March.