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NXT UK Live Results – December 3, 2020

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Results will be updated throughout the show so make sure to check back regularly.

NXT UK emanates once again from the BT Studios in London, England, as Joe Coffey battles Alexander Wolfe in a further chapter to the Gallus vs. Imperium feud, and South Wales Subculture look to gain a measure of revenge against The Hunt.

Live coverage begins at 8pm GMT/3pm EST

Matches Already Announced:

  • Joe Coffey vs. Alexander Wolfe
  • The Hunt vs. South Wales Subculture

NXT UK kicks off this week with a graphic in memory of Pat Patterson who passed away on December 2 after a battle with cancer.

A highlight package which recaps the rivalry between South Wales Subculture (Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster) and The Hunt. The package takes in the mysterious attacks on the Welshmen prior to and following the COVID enforced break, as well as The Hunt being revealed as the men who jumped their former friends before joining Eddie Dennis in an intriguing new faction.

Though I would have personally gone in a different direction with this storyline and its eventual reveal, it is nonetheless an intriguing tale which pushes all four men into the spotlight where they deserve to be, with ‘Wild Boar’ Mike Hitchman and Flash Morgan Webster the two men I would love to see go on to better things.

Rampage Brown vs. Saxon Huxley

  • This match was set-up last week in the UK Performance Center, when Huxley confronted the brawler.
  • This isn’t going to end well for Saxon, as if we couldn’t tell that already.
  • A collar and elbow tie-up to star and Saxon snags a quick headlock which Brown then breaks.
  • Brown then repeats the above, getting the upper hand.
  • The pair exchange shoulder blocks.
  • Rampage batters Huxley with brutal shots and a flying clothesline.
  • Brown hits a lovely standing suplex and looks dominant now he’s in control.
  • Huxley is sent over the top rope with a sloppy clothesline.
  • Both men fight outside and Brown is rammed back first into the apron.
  • Back in the ring and Saxon hits a flying clothesline from the top rope for a count of 2.
  • It’s annoying Huxley is getting so much momentum. Rampage should be built as an indomitable force, not someone who struggles against enhancement talent.
  • Brown cuts Huxley off on the top with chops but Saxon sends him back down.
  • Rampage counters a flying crossbody into a powerslam and hits a Doctor Bomb for the win.

Winner: Rampage Brown

Analysis: A decent opener which got Brown over. However, Huxley got way too much offence here when Brown should be built as the next challenger for Walter. Rampage is going to stay undefeated for a long time.

In the UK Performance Center, Piper Niven attacks Jinny and the pair have to be pulled apart by the locker room and trainers. We’re certainly heading for a singles bout between the pair where I hope to see an alliance formed between Jinny and Kay Lee Ray.

Aoife Valkyrie vs. Aleah James

  • This should be short and sweet.
  • Valkyrie knocks James to the mat with a shoulder block but is caught with a dropkick.
  • James with a lovely hurricanrana which Valkyrie cartwheels out of.
  • Aleah grounds the Irishwoman with a long headlock.
  • Aoife counters a matrix with a dropkick to the back of the head and applies a really nice double legged surfboard which looks amazing.
  • Valkyrie with a crucifix pin attempt.
  • James connects with a northern lights plex for a near fall.
  • Valkyrie with a running blockbuster and the Peri-Pakaya leg drop from the top rope for the win.

Winner: Aoife Valkyrie

Analysis: Another standard women’s match to get Valkyrie a victory. There’s nothing more to be said here. Aleah James will be a star if given the chance, but you have to believe Aoife is the next challenger for Kay Lee Ray.

Pretty Deadly are backstage on the microphone and they taunt Gallus, saying they can’t defeat them and will soon take the NXT UK Tag Team Championships. I’m a huge fan of the duo in the ring, but by god they’re annoying on the mic.

Joe Coffey vs. Alexander Wolfe

  • This should be a war. However, pre-match note: Joe Coffey has Vaseline smeared across his forehead after being cut open by Sam Gradwell two weeks ago. This was recorded either on the same night or the following night let’s not forget. It seems like it’s frozen on his eyebrows though which looks odd.
  • Less wrestling and more mat scrambling to get the advantage to begin with.
  • Alexander Wolfe gets the advantage with a belly-to-belly.
  • Joe Coffey with a nice arm drag and this is back and forth, two big hosses just slugging it out.
  • Coffey with a huge right hand to put Wolfe on the defensive.
  • The referee tries to get Wolfe to break a struggle on the ropes but he cheap shots Joe with a right hand.
  • Alexander goes to the arm. Jerking Joe back on an Irish whip. That looked brutal.
  • Wolfe bends the arms backwards and drops a knee on it. Here’s the story of the bout.
  • An arm bar by the Imperium member in which he bends the arm in various ways.
  • Wolfe can’t connect with a suplex thanks the back strain and Coffey reverses into a suplex of his own.
  • Joe pulls Wolfe from the second rope, straight onto his back. Both men now have a target.
  • Huge shoulder block by Joe – for the third match in a row.
  • Coffey with a corner splash and hits his springboard top rope crossbody.
  • Wolfe counters the Glasgow sendoff and hits the corkscrew suplex. The German executes that move so well.
  • Wolfe with an upper cut to counter another top rope springboard crossbody.
  • Alexander hits a huge death valley bomb for a very near fall.
  • Wolfe kicks the arm as Coffey goes for All the Best for the Bells.
  • Another dramatic near fall as Alexander gets a near fall with a German suplex.
  • Coffey hits All the Best for the Bells but Wolfe rolls out before he can be pinned. Back inside and Wolfe with a foot on the rope at two and three quarters.
  • Fighting on the apron. Coffey clotheslines Wolfe back in. Wolfe hits a running enziguri and Joe with a catapult shoulder block back in.
  • Huge All the Best for The Bells for the win.

Winner: Joe Coffey

Analysis: What a brawl. This was a fight disguised as a wrestling match and a welcome addition to a middling show so far. They battered each other and told a great story at the same time. That takes skill. Joe Coffey needed this to get him back on track in NXT UK and now it’ll fascinating to see where he goes from here.

Jordan Devlin is backstage and says that as from next week he’s issuing an open challenge for anyone under 205 in weight. This should be interesting, but still nothing on the much needed Devlin vs. Santos Escobar feud which everyone sorely wants. Hopefully this leads to a match between the pair.

We’re told that ‘Supernova Sessions’, Noam Dar’s new talk show debuts next week.

The Hunt vs. South Wales Subculture

  • Main event time.
  • Webster and Andrews attack The Hunt before the bell and hot stereo suicide dives to the outside. I like the intensity about the babyfaces. This was much needed to bring something of interest out of them.
  • Quick tags by SWS and Flash with a lovely suicide dive and sends Boar back into Andrews who connects with a great moonsault to the back.
  • Boar with a huge back suplex on Andrews after Dennis provides the distraction.
  • The Hunt dominate Andrews but he fights back with shots.
  • Just a side note. I’m loving this new Eddie Dennis. I would love to see him wrestle more since coming back from injury, but as a manger he’s excelling.
  • Mark Andrews looks like he’s in real trouble here.
  • Andrews with a monkey flip on Boar and enziguri.
  • Primate in but Mark with a roll through wheelbarrow and stomp.
  • Flash with the tag in. He’s a ball of energy, laying shots into The Hunt.
  • Morgan with a springboard dropkick to Primate on the apron and a post assisted hurricanrana on Boar.
  • He then takes out Primate with a tumbleweed senton.
  • SWS with a sliced bread/moonsault combo which looks great.
  • Dennis with the interference and Boar with a pop-up powerbomb on Flash.
  • This is all go and it’s all the better for it.
  • Flash counters a small package piledriver, tag to Andrews, it’s relentless.
  • Andrews with a breathtaking double DDT, SWS hit stereo suicide sentons to the outside and a great monkey flip into a stiff knee.
  • Andrews collides with Flash on the apron.
  • The Hunt hit the assisted emerald flowsion which is great for a near fall.
  • Flash up top and hits Boar with a huge crossbody.
  • Stundog Millionaire to Primate.
  • Dennis pulls Andrews from the top rope. Flash gives chase but is levelled with a Boar clothesline at ringside.
  • Huge spear by Primate and The Hunt with the DVD/Powerbomb combo for the win.

Winners: The Hunt

Analysis: Another great main event from NXT UK. This had everything and the right result to fit. The Hunt looks dominant and are surely contenders for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships. South Wales Subculture had to lose this in order to keep the feud going and a possible heel turn down the line as Dennis builds his Welsh faction. Really top stuff which adds depth to the NXT UK tag team division. It was lacking in believable challengers before the break.

Final Analysis: this week’s NXT UK fell flat until the final two bouts but at least it advanced it’s winners and in some cases losers. Rampage Brown and Aoife Valkyrie were pushed further in their obvious quest for gold – Valkyrie vs Ray could be money if they can continue to build her strong for the next NXT UK TakeOver – while Joe Coffey sorely needed his victory over Alexander Wolfe. Where he goes from here is anyone’s guess, though A-Kid and the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship is an option. The Hunt have never looked better and as mentioned above are a dead certs for an NXT UK Tag Team Championship bout and potential reign. Their new characters and look are absorbing to witness after so long in the doldrums. Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews will get their revenge down the line, but I for one am hoping for a Webster heel turn. With the intensity of The Hunt, Flash could be NXT UK’s next big heel when Walter drops the NXT UK Championship and finally departs the company for pastures new.